Friday, May 27, 2011


Wild story about Will nearly stepping on a copperhead. He doesn’t have as much outdoor experience as the other counselors. The ten years of baseball experience may help on the field, but it’s not the same up at camp.

Ceil is in Monroe with her daddy, at a doctor’s appointment. Last night they ate at that steak place in Chesterfield

On the drive home from work last night, lightning struck a telephone pole not 100 feet from my car. Power went out at the house, but just for a minute.

Friday before the holiday. Not much going on, but I have plenty of work to do.

Yesterday I talked to Dawn about our upcoming Washington trip. We have a Capitol tour scheduled, but the White House tour fell through.

Mary Hurt says the Galapagos team goes out every day from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. They’ve gone snorkeling every day.

One more category Will “led” the team in…most times reaching on an error. I have no doubt most all of the eight errors were legit…he hit a lot of ground balls. Perhaps others hit more lines drives and fewer grounders (and grounders not hit as hard as Will’s)…causing fewer errors. An interesting study.

In the 15th inning of the ACC Tournament game between Tech and NC State a guy from Tech stole home to win the game.

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