Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Weekend On The Go

My in-laws got to town Friday, for the second straight weekend. That afternoon they all immediately went to Kohl’s, to fix Will up for graduation. After work I met them at NP Mall, and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. All day I had been in the mood for a burger, and theirs was pretty good. Yesterday and today I had Cheesecake Factory leftovers…some pasta, and two different kinds of chicken sandwiches. Last week I had Olive Garden pasta leftovers, from their weekend lunch.

Saturday morning I cleaned out the van, and took it for an oil change at the carwash. Back home, I washed my car and the in-laws. We had to be at FBC Alpharetta early for pictures. After the graduation we went to the school for the BBQ dinner. The punch I drank after the ceremony spoiled my appetite.

Sunday morning I drove down to Macon, and hung out at the hospital all day. My dad was doing better, but he’ll probably get better if he can get out of the hospital. The rest of the crowd went shopping for Will again, and brought home KFC. I got back home around 9:30.

Monday morning Ceil and Matthew took Will up to camp near Ellijay, so we’ll scarcely see him the rest of the summer. Anna went back to SC with my in-laws for the week. Ceil is going over later in the week, for her father’s 80th birthday. Ceil was worn out from the weekend, and slept most of Monday. I took her and Matthew to Trader Joes real quick for Orange Chicken. They watched the Sharpe movie on the Disney Channel.

Brad here at work watched the season finale of “The Event” and said it was pretty good. Turns out a main character might be an alien. I doubt I’ll try to catch up on all the episodes I had missed.

Kevin and Holt posted from Equator. Holt thought there were lots of Koreans in the country. Kevin commented on the language barrier. I told him they should do the Redeemer skit.

Both Heyward and McLouth were placed on the 15 day disabled list. They called up Jordan Shafer and another OF from Gwinnett. Shafer was only hitting .255, but we’ll see. Mather had 4 hits Saturday, so he’ll play. Hudson is going to miss his start this week, due to lower back pain. Beachy is starting to throw again. After being off on Monday, they play in Pittsburg tonight. Utley is set to return to the Phillies lineup, but it’s too early to worry.

I’ve been crunching the stats from the Crown season, and Will really had a great year. He led the team in just about every per game category. Everyone except Tanner missed games. Will missed ten, but still had more plate appearances than all but four guys. Seven other guys missed a total of 30 games. Will reached base 76% of the time.

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