Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Interesting Wednesday. Stopped at Kroger on my way to work for breakfast. Everything I needed was on sale: both items that rarely go on sale. At work the Ogre calls me in to go over some numbers before our monthly account review meeting with his boss. All my inventory numbers are way down, so the account looks better than ever. Everyone in the meeting was impressed.

After the meeting my mom calls. Though my dad’s knee replacement surgery had gone well Tuesday morning,he was moved into ICU due to complications. I zipped down to the hospital in Macon, where they were preparing him for dialysis. Not long into his three hour dialysis his kidneys started working again, and his oxygen level had improved to the point that the doctor had his big oxygen mask removed.

My sister made it her business to personally check and ask about every med that was administered, though she couldn’t have known the exact diagnosis for each one. Everything was “exactly the same” as when her husband’s uncle had died several years ago, in a faraway hospital. She made a point of asking every hospital employee she encountered if they remembered her mother-in-law, who stayed in the hospital “longer than any patient in hospital history”…several years ago. All this LOUD talk was discouraging my father, hooked up to several machines. When she came in his heart rate was 65, but it quickly shot up to 110.

Dad was doing much better Wednesday night. Thursday he didn’t remember that I had visited. Thursday afternoon he was being moved out of the ICU. Now therapy on his new knee begins.

Left the hospital at 8:30 and listened to the Braves game on the drive back. I prefer Sutton and Powell to Simpson/Carey/Glavine, so it was a treat.

Will’s graduation is this weekend. Ceil is against sending out graduation announcements / invitations. I’m not crazy about it, though we did sent out just a very few. Hope you won’t be torn up about not getting one.

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