Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend at the Theater

Im worn out from standing over 23 hours at the theater this weekend. Friday I left work and drove straight to the theater for the show. I’m thankful the theater is in downtown Alpharetta, and not over at Johns Creek. MC’s brother Thomas came and watched the show with Matthew.

Ceil’s parents were in town, and they went to the Living Science banquet with Will and Ceil. They sat with MC and her mom, the Hurts, and Becky Norman. Many kids sang or played music. Alyssa and Haley Hurt did a comedy routine. The talent didn’t end until almost ten, then the speaking began. At her table, Amber updated her Facebook status.

I was swapping texts with Ceil and MC’s mom. After the show I took Anna, Matthew, and Thomas to Steak N Shake. We ate, then MC’s mom picked up Thomas, just as the Living Science crowd was arriving for the after party. Another crowd of students went to the Normans, and played soccer and basketball into the night. Will spent the night.

Saturday morning Matthew woke up at seven, and went to IHOP with Ceil’s dad. I spent the morning helping write Anna’s science skit. She, Caroline Hargraves, and Lily are spending tonight together to get ready.

Anna and I arrived back at the theater at noon, and didn’t leave until almost ten that night. While putting on mics, Kelly Lintz’s daughter asked for a pouch to put for her battery pack in. The one I pulled out of the back was red. Thinking she might want her usual tan one, I asked. She took the red one. In baseball, you usually don’t change when things are going well.

In the first act the sound guy came over our headsets, saying “Mackenzies’s mic isn’t working” I stopped what I was doing and rushed several steps toward the stage, where her mom turned to me, wanting to know what happened. The mic had worked during the sound check, then probably was blocked with makeup. The long scene ended with her solo, and Mackenzie did her best, walking out to the end of the stage and speaking and singing as loudly as possible. Must’ve been the red pouch.

Sunday Andy had a few good lines…

…people don’t LOSE their virginity, they GIVE it away.

…putting on rubber gloves to handle an expensive “Stradivarius” violin, he said “now men, you don’t need to get nervous” Later he tossed the violin to a guy on the front row.

After church Anna, Lily, and I ate at Moes. I am Lily’s new best friend, since I wrote their skit. She got all the dumb blonde lines. She’s the girl who hit MC’s brother with the slingshot.

MC came with Will to the to the Sunday matinee, and afterward got to speak with many former castmates. Afterward they handed out awards. Anna won a “Save the Show” award for taking the place of an injured dancer in several dances. Ceil and Will went to Passion Church Sunday night, when they opening their new building on Garmon Circle. Exhausted, I crashed on the couch.

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