Friday, May 13, 2011

March / April Thrift Store Recap

I’ve really made strides in reducing the treasures I’m buying from thrift stores, though based on March and April it may be hard to tell. For the two month period I bought twenty items, at an average of $2.40 each (not bad).

Some things were hard to pass up, like the navy Braves jersey, Phillies bobbleheads, Rangers nesting dolls, North Face jacket for Matthew, and Clemson shorts for Will. Matthew wanted a bowtie, and Will needed some baseball sleeves. I’ll wear the Nike shorts I bought a lot this summer. The Reebok backpack was a much needed last-minute purchase for the Expedition, that will also be used in Washington and the beach.

I took advantage of an “all you can stuff in a bad for $3” sale to net a Brooks Brothers dress shirt, a nice short sleeve casual shirt, Nantucket baseball tee, and three new white undershirts. At the same time I got Will a $2.00 pair of navy Polo sneakers, that he’s been wearing nonstop.

Now that I’ve started reading more, I’ve been spending more time in the book section. I nabbed two hardbacks: Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, and The Fourth Shot, a JFK assassination novel.

This summer I’ll be working toward selling off some of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. If this venture turns out well, perhaps I’ll start buying things with an eye on immediately selling them. In that regard I bought two old wood bats: a Jackie Robinson model (from the 50’s?) and a Joe Rudi model from the 70’s.

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