Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty Wins American Idol

As I expected, deep-voiced Scotty won American Idol. Since everyone was in Jefferson, I only watched the last five minutes of the two-hour show. Lots of commercials. Steven Tyler sang, as did Jennifer Lopez. Also Lady Gaga, who was her usual obscene self. I wonder if all the attention Tuesday on Lauren was because she was so far behind. I really didn’t play close attention this year. To me, none of the twelve were really an elite performer. Besides Scotty, Casey was the best, but he just didn’t have that “Idol” look.

The Braves beat the Pirates again, fueled by Brooks Conrad’s two-run homer in the 11th. Mike Minor didn’t allow a run, and Scott Proctor got him out of a jam. O’Flanerey gave up his first HR of the season. Hinske hit a HR. It was a day game, so I missed it.

A guy here at work gets the USA Today, and sometimes he leaves it in the break room. That’s where I sometimes get those clippings.

Pops finally got out of the hospital, and is now in a ‘rehab facility’ closer to home. His knee is swelling a bit, so that slows down the rehab. But he’s making progress. Nita is driving him and my mom crazy. I may go back down on Saturday.

Parties Will is missing this weekend: Andrew, Caleb, and Tanner…plus the banquet. I’d say camp is a better place to be. I saw the Fallis’s sneak out of the graduation after one of the speakers, but they were there for Will’s speech and most of the best parts.

No updates from the Galapagos trip, but Margaret’s driving was driving Mary crazy.

Jordan led the Crown team in pitching, based on ERA, batting-average-against, and walks-to-strikeouts. Will was second in ERA, and led the team in strikeouts per inning (2.1), highest percentage of batters swinging and missing (22%!), first-pitch strikes, strike-to-ball ratio, and throwing curveballs and off-speed pitches for strikes.

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