Saturday, November 12, 2016

Timeline: UGA/GT/Clemson

Three games kick off at 3:30: Georgia Auburn, Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech, and Clemson/Pitt. Dawgs and Jackets are longshots. Number 2 Clemson needs to avoid a letdown against a tough opponent. They wear all orange. A win clinches the division championship. Could be three boring games. Here are my notes from trying to watch all three games at the same time:  
332 GT kicks off - and recovers a fumble. Sophomore Matthew Jordan gets his first start at QB, as Justin Thomas is still banged up. Also a backup center gets the start. With a third and long Jordan (above) completes a pass, then converts on fourth down. Butker hits a 40 yard field goal. GT 3 VT 0 with 10:51 left.

Impressive jet fighter flyover above Sanford Stadium

341 I find Clemson on ESPN News. Unranked Pitt is on the move early, driving, no huddle. Fullback George Aston up the middle. Blewit makes it 7-0 with 13:08.

344 VT punts. Auburn kicks off. Touchback. Chubb for five. Jordan recovers his own fumble, then throws a duck. Sony Michel first down. McKenzie goes nowhere. Watson to big Mike Williams down to the 17. Watson to Scott. Watson's overthrow is intercepted in the end zone. Pass interference on VT. Holding on Georgia wipes out a 40 yard pass. Michel drops a screen, and GA's Bryce Ramsey punts.

353 Vols beat Kentucky. Peterman's big gain is called back for holding. Marshall dive, Jordan runs right for a GT first down. False start makes it first and 15.  Poor tackling and Auburn up the middle for a first down. They keep it on the ground. Jordan sacked. 3rd and 17. Jordan gains four. Butker from 39 makes it 6-0 with 2:01 remaining.

358 Watson rolls right and throws incomplete. 3rd and 8. Beautiful high pass Mike Williams makes a leaping catch to the 18. Watson to Scott to the one. Auburn punts. Chubb up the middle, keeps his balance for a big gain. Clemson makes it 7-7.

402 Eason completion for seven. Chubb's first down run is negated by fullback's motion. VT QB Evans up the middle for 17 past midfield FB Sam Rogers for seven. Quarter ends.

Riley Ridley big gain despite CB holding, a one handed catch. Pitt first down. Eason incompletion. Wildcat, Georgia's Godwin poor pass is intercepted in the end zone. he shouldn't have thrown it. Evans deep pass is dropped in the end zone. Pitt a 48 yard TD catch. 14-7 with 528 remaining. Two 75 yard TD drives. Longest pass play against Clemson all year.

409 Evans' 3rd down screen is dropped. GT blocks the field goal. Auburn goes fast on 3rd down, and fumbles. First down. 3rd and three, Auburn converts. Midfield. Incompletion. GT 3rd and 6. QB draw is stopped. Auburn back to the ground. Watson incomplete. Auburn to the 14. GA timeout.

Pitt roughs QB. Fuller to the 13. Watson to Scott TD called back by hands to the face. 311 remaining in the quarter. Auburn's 13th play of the drive, a sweep left. First and goal. Wildcat for the score Auburn 7-0 with 28 seconds remaining in the quarter.

422 GT intercepts, Jordan overthrows. 3rd and long. Clemson 4th and goal. Fumble returned 101 yards for a Pitt TD, but the ball crossed the plane - a 14 point swing. Clemson ties it up 14 all with 28 seconds remaining.

428 Eason incomplete. Michel basket catch for a first down, then up the middle for another, down to the 45. Chubb loses four then gains two. Clear pass interference isn't called, and no TD for GA. Ramsey punts again. GT scores, up 13-0.

436 Jordan big gain out of a hole past the 20. Clemson D holds, Pitt punts into end zone. Auburn's White a big gain, then throws an incompletion. VT holds, calls time. GA forces a punt. Watson to Scott for six. Incompletion. Watson to Leggett for 29. Holding. Loss. Michel for five. Eason to Blazeovich for a first down. GT pushes VT back and forces a punt. Watson throws high, but Pitt still flagged for interference. Gallman for one. Watson to Gallman for a first down. Scott drops a pass. Ceil home, so the channel changing slows.

448 Watson runs left. 3rd and 4. Watson scrambles and passes to Ray Ray McLoud for a first down, a 14 yard gain. Then a back shoulder throw to Williams for the go aahead score 21-14 with 10:06 remaining.

450 GT also scores, up 20-0 with 25 seconds remaining in the half.

451 Eason's pass is dropped. Penalty on Auburn. McKenzie open deep but Eason overthrows. Eason sacked, pushing GA out of field goal range. Clemson knocks down a screen pass. Ramsey punts inside the five. Peterman's bomb is incomplete, then has a nice pass dropped. Bad pass defense by Clemson's Boulware, Pitt scores but Blewit misses the PAT. 21-20 Clemson with 933 left.  

458 I tell Ceil how Pitt kicker Blewit beat Tech two straight years, on two last second 56 yard field goals. White sacked. GA defense holds. Short punt, but Eason is sacked. Eason overthrows Ridley. Scott on the return for Clemson. Gallman for 8. Watson passes for 21, becoming the 6th ACC player to pass for 10,000 yards (the first junior). 3rd and 9. Watson's pass is slightly overthrown, tipped - and intercepted. Watson hit hard.

505 Ramsey punts, Auburn runs out the clock. 7-0 Auburn at the half.

507 Pitt keeps it on the ground and drives. Peterman overthrows twice, but obvious pass interference on Clemson's Vann Smith on 3rd down. James Conner big gain inside the ten. Time out Clemson.

512 Pitt stuffed on 1st and goal, but Peterman keeps it to the one. Conner stuffed. On 4th down Peterman passes to Aston for six. Had Clemson not interfered on third down Pitt wouldn't have scored a touchdown. 27-21 with 2:22 remaining in the half.

517 VT drives and scores, Evans to Isaiah Ford. 20-7 with 12:50 remaining in the third.

519 Watson throws a 13 yard TD pass. Clemson up 28-27 with 69 seconds remaining in the half.

522 Matthew Jordan keeper. VT crowd roars. Another keeper for one. He runs for his life, gaining six. Carlos Watkins sacks Peterman with 17 seconds left. Completion short of the first down. Peterman spikes the ball to stop the clock with five seconds left.

527 Dabo calls a time out but didn't get it, but the low 50 yard attempt hits an offensive lineman in the back as the half ends.

528 Evans to Ford for a 1st down. Jet sweep for another first down. The momentum has turned. Completion for six more. Draw for two. Austin intercepts, GT's 3rd takeaway. UGA pick six by Smith. 7-7 just 23 seconds into the second half.

533 Marcus Marshall up the middle for 9 and a GT 1st down. GA defense stretches out sweep, then sacks White to force a punt. Mckenzie fair catch of the 44 yard punt. GT line drive punt to the twelve.

540 Evans three VT completions to midfield. Chubb no gain. Michel stopped short of a first down. Almost targeting. Ramsey short punt, 33 yards, fair catch. Evans avoids sack, throws it into the stands. VT drops pass on 4th down.

544 Marshall for five, then ten. Quarter ends with GT up 20-7.

545 Auburn three and out. McKenzie fair catch of a 50 yard punt.

548 Pitt kicks off to start the second half. Gallman no gain. Watson to McLoud for two, then again for a first down. Pass interference against Auburn. Ridley reverse for a first down. Jordan completion to Ricky Jude down to the 20. Clemson punts to the 31. Dawgs cross midfield then punt, a poor one by Ramsey. Facing 3rd & ten, GT calls time out.

554 Pitt razzle dazzle for a first down. Peterman fumbles. Clemson recovers. Deandre Baker drops an interception for GA. Auburn punts to the 21. Matthew Jordan up the middle, setting up a 35 yard Butker field goal - 23-7 Tech.

558 Isaac Nauta reception. Eason is 10-19. Chubb for a first down. Kirby going without headgear. Eason to Blazovich, then scrambles and throws it away. Evans completion for nine, then runs 15 yards up the middle. No huddle for VT. Hodges catches a pass but fumbles. Tech recovers with 10:08 remaining. Clemson scores: 35-27 Tigers.

604 Marshall up the middle. Eason fumbles but his center recovers as the 3rd quarter ends. Still 7-7.

605 Marshall runs 50 yards to make it 27-7 GT, with 9:21 left.

607 Three key plays on a key Pitt drive. (1) Third down. Clemson's Tankersly called for pass interference, though Brian Griese didn't see it. First down. James Conner for another first down. No facemask called on Clemson. Makeup call? (2) Peterman scambles but is tackled short of the first down - but Clemson was offsides. Third down. (3) Clemson stops the dive, but a late whistle leads to a terrible personal foul on Boulware. Dabo is livid.

613 Blankenship kicks a 45 field goal to give Georgia a 10-7 lead.

614 Thanks to two dubious calls and an offsides penalty - all on third down - Pitt continues to drive, scores on anther shovel pass. 35-34 Clemson with 4:35 left in the 3rd.

616 Holding on Auburn. VT recovers a Marshall fumble with 7:59 remaining. McKenzie punt return puts UGA in good field position. First down Clemson on a reception by Scott. Watson to Williams across midfield. Gallman for five. Plenty of time for Watson, who completes it to Scott to the 15. GA to the 20. Chubb for two. After a long replay delay, GT to punt.      

623 Scott a 3 yard reception. Hunter Renfroe first down at the two. Gallman scores. Clemson leads 42-34 with 1:37 left in the 3rd.

625 VT crosses midfield. Rogers gains nine to the 40. Clock under six minutes. Evans fires incomplete. Auburn's Johnson runs for three, then two. Clock under ten minutes. White fires incomplete - should've been caught. Another three and out for Auburn, who then interferes with the fair catch.

630 Three and out for Pitt. Clemson's Leggett goes for a first down. Watson fires incomplete. Third quarter ends: 42-34 Clemson.

632 Chubb for two. McKenzie for five. UGA has outgained Auburn 134-24 in the second half. Chubb ten yards, crossing the 50. Michel for 9 more. Chubb for a first down. VT scores. 30-14 GT.

636 Watson's third down jump pass to Gallman falls incomplete. Punt. Fair catch. Eason to tight end Nauta to the 15. Chubb inside the ten with 3:50 remaining. Michel right to the six yard line, then left for a few more. Time out Auburn.

640 VT completion to the 46 with 1:36 to go. Evans to Carroll for eight. Another completion inside the 40. UGA leads time of possession 21 to 6 in the second half. Chubb no gain. Auburn calls another time out. VT second and goal with 42 seconds remaining. QB Evans up the middle to score. Two point conversion fails: 30-20 GT.

643 Watson to Renfroe for five. Then a lofted pass broken up by Pitt. Third and goal for UGA. A dangerous reverse pass is nearly intercepted. Blankenship 's short field goal (at a tough angle) makes it 13-7 UGA with 2:25 remaining. GT runs out the clock, and the upset of VT is complete.

647 Auburn brings it out of the end zone. Bad decision. White complete to Johnson and out of bounds. Another completion short of the first down. White fires out of bounds. 4th and three: INCOMPLETE!

650 UGA takes over with 1:34 remaining. Gary: "one of the worst halves for a team competing for a championship." Watson to Leggett for nine, then to Renfroe for a first down. Williams drops one in his hands. Last week he had two drops. Another incompletion. The a third & ten completion to Scott for a first down.

655 UGA runs clock but has to call time with two seconds left. Fourth down. Watson to Williams for six, then again for a first down. Watson 525 passing yards, a Clemson record.

657 It's over: Georgia upsets Auburn 13-7. A big win for Kirby. Watson to Renfroe for a first and goal. Gallman up the middle ,inside the five. Watson fakes a handoff and throws to the sameback, but the linebacker cuts in front for the interception. He has an open field, but Mike Williams runs him down after a 70 yard return.

702 Poor third down pass by Peterman, but the floater gives time for a defensive holding call on Clemson. Greise doesn't see it. Another drive extended by a dubious call. Conner scores on a sweep, bringing Pitt within two. Clemson pressures Peterman, and Clemson breaks up the two point conversion. 42-40 Tigers.
709 Watson to Cain for a first down, but his knee was down, so no first down. The second down completion is also stopped just short of a first down. Pitt time out with 3:17 remaining.

717 Watson complete for a first down. Gallman dropped for a loss. Watson has also broken the ACC single game passing record. Watson to Williams for nine. Clock ticks. 1:11 remains.

720 Pitt holds and calls time out, their second. 4th and one. 1:02 remains. Clemson calls their second time out.

723 On fourth down the play call is a slow-developing toss sweep to Gallman, starting seven yards behind the line of scrimmage. Pitt penetrates and stuffs the play. Pitt ball. Peterman scrambles for nine. Time out Pitt with 51 ticks remaining. Completion over the middle to the tight end for a first down. Another completion, followed by an incompletion. 3rd & six with 17 seconds left. Incomplete with 12 seconds remaining.

726 Blewit from 48 yards. Dabo timeout. My opinion: better not to call time. Field goal good: Pitt up 43-42 with six seconds remaining. Those three Watson interceptions were killers, especially the two in the end zone.

729 Final - Pitt with the upset. Clemson's first home loss to an unranked opponent since 2008 (Georgia Tech).

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