Sunday, November 13, 2016

All About Me

Like other drama queens, my sensitive nature tempts me to react first and think later. It takes me days and weeks to thoroughly think through an issue. Writing things down and editing essays like this helps me process. So why not post my innermost thoughts on the world wide web and make people mad? Guess that makes me just like all the other drama queens.

I'd better watch what I say about drama queens. Working the same job year after year is about to turn me into one. I don't need to grow too comfortable. Administrations change, and I need to change with the company to remain relevant and valuable. Any loud outbursts by a drama queen are seen as detrimental to the overall operation. I need to be a team player, not an out of touch dinosaur.

Some grown-ups still act as if the world revolves around them. They're always the victim. Their problems are life and death, more important than the myriad issues facing us regular folk. Most aren't bothered by such drama, moving on without comment and keeping opinions to themselves. I need to be more like that.

Those minions who dare voice a dissenting opinion to these drama queens are dealt with in various ways. Some are brushed aside as too unsophisticated for a response: "I would crush you if I bothered to take the time." Or the old change-the-subject avoidance routine to avoid addressing a worthy opponent's truths - dodging the original point. Some went this entire election cycle not defending their chosen candidate or pointing out why they should be elected, but instead attacking the other candidate. A third type of non-response is to patronize.

What happened to love and respect and treating others equally - even those whose opinions don't line up with your own? Are those who disagree with me my enemy? Should we not love everyone? If I want others to value me, shouldn't I value them? Haven't we been over this before?

Interesting to see how people change over the years. Roots are long forgotten. The wide-eyed small town kid comes to university in the big city, puts down roots, and becomes sophisticated. Hard-working parents who benefitted from a previous administration's booming economy to pay for their beloved children's expensive college educations (and are now rich old white ignorant embarrassments) having voted for the other candidate for the sole purpose of persecuting their kids.

You'd think a loving parent would want the future their children and grandchildren grow up in to be as bright and prosperous as possible, with governments and leaders learning from past mistakes - as opposed to repeating the ways that led other countries to failure.

Yet others grow up into normal adulthoods. Success doesn't change who they are. They treat aging parents with honor and old friends with love and respect, regardless if their religious and political views may differ.   

The Protests: identical pre-printed signs appear in cities all across the country. Craig's List ads offer pay to those willing to protest (where do I sign up?). Busses ferrying protesters are then hidden from view. CNN reporters posing as protesters. Like Black Lives Matter protesters flown in from distant cities, someone is bankrolling this orchestrated unrest.

You'd think such intelligent people would connect the dots. Many are too busy believing media reports of global warming and rising oceans to check the facts out for themselves. Mary are too busy focused on themselves to look into the complex issues facing the world today.

Busy week. Watched another good episode of Last Man Standing Tuesday night. Tim Allen's daughter interviewed the humble CEO, who'd done nothing remarkable in the war but shared the name of someone who had. The daughter was disappointed, so her dad had her show up at the VFW when vets gathered. Turned out the CEO was there every week helping the other vets fill out forms and cut through red tape to receive needed benefits. There was also a reunion with Tim's wife from his old Tool Time show.

Slammed at work. Tuesday everyone was gone except me and Rachel. Meeting this morning. Machine going down another week. Customer out of two parts. Good times.

Thursday night C and her girlfriends went to something at Mt Vernon Baptist, so I was looking forward to a quiet night after having things the past six nights. After working past six I thought about stopping at thrift stores on the way home, but decided against it. Remembered I had to make a bank deposit and stop by Dollar Tree, then M had me stop by Kroger for cheese.

When I got home he had grilled chicken and made a delicious Mexican salsa with black beans and corn. Had a little for supper. For lunch I'd eaten a leftover sandwich from Wednesday's lunch meeting.

M was watching Freaky Friday, an old Jamie Lee Curtis movie I'd never seen before. C came home shortly after Chicago Med came on at nine. Went to bed after that.

Lynn Acuff's son Will was at the wedding I recently attended? He's at Kennesaw but hopes to transfer to Tech. Said Ron and Julianne were getting married the 12th. He was with a former prom date of Anna's, now at South Carolina. Both are good kids.

Heard MVP-candidate Matt Ryan is piling up Hall of Fame numbers comparable to Favre, Peyton, and Marino. Ryan's yards per attempt this year is third highest all time. He'll need playoff success (a Super Bowl win) to reach Canton.

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