Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Election: My Take

I am not voting for Donald Trump. I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton. A third party candidate will only draw votes away and sway the election from one candidate to another. One minority party candidate admitted such as his goal. My desire is for the person who will do the best job be elected President. I have no problem with a woman or minority being President, as long as they do these things. But to elect someone because of their sex or ethnicity without looking at what they stand for is wrong.

I'm voting for the candidate who will defend the Constitution of the United States. The candidate who will take the Oath of Office seriously. Who will defend and protect the laws of the United States of America. The candidate who will protect me, a citizen of the United States of America. Who will protect our borders and respect our soldiers who lay their lives on the line every day.

I'm voting for the candidate who will nominate Supreme Court justices who will uphold the law of the land, who will protect the lives of unborn children. A candidate who understands the earth's climate has been changing for thousands of years, who is unwilling to sign over U.S. control (and billions of American dollars) on this or any other matter. Who understands the Federal Government does not need to control or be involved in every aspect of life, nor waste money on "art" and other programming offensive to a vast majority of U.S. citizens.

As I fall deeper and deeper to debt, I don't want to see my hard earned tax dollars shipped overseas to bankroll countries hell-bent on destroying the United States, or given to freeloaders looking for free phones and food. I want a President who understands that Democracy, a free economy, and small government raises more tax dollars than Big Government and high taxes - which leads us ever closer to socialism, and later communism. A Candidate who loves the United States of America, not a "global community" that leads the world ever-closer to a one world government.

I want a President who's not beholden to foreign zillionaires and powerbrokers dead set on rigging elections and bringing down the United States. One whose past shows a record of performance and building up, as opposed to neglect, tearing down, and abuse of power and money. A President who recognizes the importance of being an ally of Israel, the threat and goals of ISIS and radical Islam, and the crippling nature of continued and increased indebtedness to China.

Whatever the result of today's election, I will remember that God is in control. All power rests with Him. God will use our next President as He wishes. While I am a citizen of the United States, my real citizenship is in Heaven above. That is where my treasure awaits.

Hey guys, I even wrote this one myself. The goods news is this is my last political post for a while.

Voting results could take several days. For the country's sake it might be good if it's not close, one way or another.

Did you get out and vote? I'm hoping the polls aren't too busy this evening before closing. This morning at 6:30 the parking lot at the small church was full. I'm sure Danny Downing was there in line, posting the whole thing on Facebook by way of Twitter. For some reason I thought early voting extended to last Saturday. Woke up and drove first to the Cobb Civic Center, then to the Marietta Square - before figuring out early voting had ended. Returned home and went back to bed, after stopping by McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin. Got to hear Chuck Oliver host the Georgia State coach's show for the second time this month.
Good sermon at Passion City Church in the Who is Jesus series. How Pilate and the other authorities in the crucifixion story wouldn't be known today save for their part in Jesus' story. Though the parallel wasn't explicitly pointed out, so too are the rulers and authorities today just role players in God's overall story.

Monday night at 10 pm I did not watch the Saturday Night Live election special, which only repeated previous sketches. Most of the election stuff they do is funny. Alec Baldwin does a good Trump, but the girl who does Hillary is a little snarky. Didn't realize Hillary herself recently made a surprise appearance on SNL as a bartender.

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