Saturday, November 26, 2016

Rivalry Saturday

Great play by Searcy to cut back to the middle and dive across the goal line to score the game-winning touchdown. Usually don't see such an athletic play from the hesitant Jackets.
Same old story. You could tell from the first play from scrimmage: Georgia could run all over Tech. Just hand the ball to Chubb and Michel all afternoon, and the Dawgs would go home with the W.
But that would be too easy. OC Jim Chaney gotta mix it up. Never mind the fact that freshman QB Jacob Eason hasn't consistently hit receivers all year. Today was no exception. And when he was on target his receivers quite often dropped the ball.

Same old story. AJC columnist Jeff Schultz gotta stir up strife. I know, its his job. God forbid he report facts. Were fans dissatisfied, he asked. Why not remind them of preseason expectations? The unproven offensive line (who looked like the seven blocks of granite against Tech)?

At times Georgia was downright unlucky. Eason's ill-advised pass was tipped into the hands of a Tech defender for an interception, giving the Jackets just enough time to cash it in.
Georgia may have practiced against the option all year, but I'm not sure I would've told the press until after they stopped the real thing. Justin Thomas might not have run the option to perfection, but it was one of their better games of the year. Tech receivers were open, and the senior from Alabama hit them.

Same old story. Tech fans were quiet - until the end of the game. If they were as passionate the other 364 days of the year Tech might have a more successful program.
Same old story. The AJC runs photos of Tech backups, the scrubs who never play, with pieces of the hedge. Wearing those crummy Russell Athletics jerseys. I hate those photos.

No helmet merit bone stickers for UGA any more. That's good and bad. The bones were unique, but sure clutter up the helmet by midseason. Buckeyes always look good, but Michigan's and Clemson's helmets are too busy. I like an uncluttered back of the helmet, but without the bones some lineman helmets (and Chubb's) look huge. At least the numbers on the back aren't as big and blocky like in past years (see 45 above).

Texas had no luck under Charlie Strong. Ball clearly crosses the goal line, but even a replay doesn't give them a touchdown.

Texas Tech embarrassed Baylor on national TV. The buff referee looked like he could manhandle any lineman who crossed him. Couldn't find a photo, but the handwarmers worn by the Texas Tech running backs looked like fancy beltbuckles. Time for below-average Baylor to stick to one uniform.

Louisville and Heisman candidate Lamar Jackson are trending way down. His late fumble cost them the game.

Did I mention how ridiculous those untucked T-shirts look? Especially on a kicker, Mr. "NFL prospect" Harrison Butker. Rodrigo made two field goals but missed a 42 yarder.  
With the game being played in The Horseshoe, the officials were too scared to end the Michigan Ohio State game on a close call. Tough deal with a playoff spot on the line. But Michigan turned it over twice, including a pick six. But Penn State won, making even more chaos for the committee. Washington poured it on in their win. Clemson needed to do likewise.

When George Winston, the self-proclaimed "quarterback guru" appears on College GameDay they list several successful quarterbacks he worked with. They don't list all the QB's he worked with that never made it, like Tim Tebow and Tajh Boyd.
Some disliked it, but I loved Joe Namath's surprise appearance in the CBS booth with Vern and Gary. You'd thunk the Auburn fans would've appreciated his "War Eagle" story. Nice touch to have Joe's old fur coat on hand.

Gamecocks still honoring breast cancer awareness with their shiny pink helmet logo stickers. I got the word from Ben: Clemson's orange britches are called their "championship pants" - only worn when a championship is on the line. Thus they wore them against Pitt and Wake with the division title on the line, and tonight against Carolina for the state championship. Expect to see them next week in Orlando and in the playoffs.

Clemson linebacker Boulaware is a little over the top. Tigers up 35 zip at the half. Could be ten points worse (blocked field goal and dropped TD pass).

I'm not a Joey Galloway fan, but I loved his "why are you so negative?" comment at halftime. He's not likeable enough to replace Desmond on Saturday mornings.

Meme: Castro spends his whole life fighting capitalism, then dies on Black Friday.

And: Castro was the jerk at the gym who insisted on playing pickup games in his full warm-up suit.

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