Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas in October

The Hallmark Channel prides itself with its constant barrage of Christmas movies from Halloween to January. Yet in last night’s made for TV movie the characters kept referring to the “Holiday Party” and “Holiday Tree.” Who do they think watches these things?
Last Tuesday: Crazy busy day at work that bled into the evening. Tracked W&MC’s drive drove Augusta west on 20 through downtown to 285 on the Westside, up to 75 and up to Cartersville. M was in Buckhead at the doctor. A was downtown as well, spending the evening with a friend down near the Lakewood Ampetheater. Watched The Middle.
Last Wednesday was more than 8 hours of fire drills. Finally left at 3:10 pm. Traffic to Athens wasn’t too bad. Drove to Augusta and stopped at Chickfila, then on to Jefferson. On I-20 west of Augusta a bad wreck had westbound traffic backed up 11 miles, and eastbound traffic one mile. A backup of 5,000 cars and 10,000 people. Saw the helicopter take off and head to Augusta. Cost us 30 minutes. Speed kills.
Thursday we ate over at Rusty’s at 1:30. Turkey casserole and pumpkin casserole and salad. Cheese biscuits. Very good. Twelve people. Watched the Lions and Vikings. For supper we ate at our house: turkey and dressing. The same twelve. Will & MC ate at her grandmother’s house with her extended family. Then they visited her grandfather in the assisted living home. Okie hung out at our house. They stopped in Augusta and arrived in SC late. Watched Baylor get blown out by Texas Tech and Texas lose to TCU.
Friday morning I drove to Pageland for Bojangles, and some last minute grocery items. Saw two people I knew at the BI-LO. Came home and didn’t leave for over 48 hours.
Twenty-two for lunch. As final meal preparations for the meal took place a fire broke out in the oven. Smoke. Alarms. Fans. Cameras. Photos. Videos. Fire Department came out. We finally ate. Chicken tetrazzini. Coconut cream pie. More football. Leftovers for supper, and more pie. Barney and Okie loved playing and wrestling with each other.
Saturday was leftovers and all day football. College GameDay. UGA/GT. Ohio State/Michigan. Alabama/Auburn. Clemson/SC. Will and MC left around six. More pie.
Sunday Anna had to get back to school. For breakfast I finished off the pie. Made a too-long stop at the Lugoff McDonalds for M, then drove straight on to Athens. Then all the way home to East Cobb. C went out for groceries. I grilled me a beef quesadilla on the Panini press. Took a quick nap. 
Some GT and Clemson fans may be gloating a bit too much. Clemson still has a few more games to win to complete their mission.
I saw Killing Kennedy was on, with Rob Lowe. Based on Bill O’Reilly’s book, which I read.

Another crazy day. Thinking about getting a less stressful job, like air traffic controller.

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