Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Into the Woods

Bought a pair of black loafers on the way home Friday. Been looking for that exact pair for a while. Already had them in brown, but I wear black more.

Saturday morning I unpacked winter clothes and put up summer clothes. Worked on that until 3:30. Supervised M, who washed his car.
Anna went into Sanford Stadium an hour and 45 minutes before kickoff. At 3:30 I flipped between GT/VT, GA/AUB, CLEM/Pitt. Took notes the whole time. Three unexpected results. Auburn and Clemson played poorly, plus several bad calls went against Clemson. But Dabo was right, the only team that can beat Clemson is themselves. Hard to beat a tough team when your Heisman candidate throws three interceptions (two in the end zone).
Later I watched the end of Iowa's upset of Michigan. First time in years that the #2, #3, and #4 ranked teams all lost on the same weekend.

After church I had to gas up the CRV, so I decided to take Barney. He loves riding in the car. I said "wanna go for a ride?" and let him out the door without a leash. He bounded out and waited for me at the car. He was excited the whole trip, barking and scrambling about. When we returned home I let him out and ran toward the back door, hoping he'd follow. He needed a potty break, which was understandable. He ran back toward me on the deck, but then he veered off and ran back in the woods, which I'd feared. He ran down to the creek and ran around, eventually running out of sight. I went after him in my church clothes, but couldn't find him.

I could hear barking. As I made my way back to my property I saw Barney at the top of the hill, smiling at me. I wasn't smiling. I scrambled up the hill and grabbed him, and took him inside. Ceil had been on the phone the whole time, none the wiser.

Worked on clothes and laundry throughout the afternoon, watching the Falcons and other shows, including the Mark Twain Awards Show honoring Bill Murray. Ceil's friends took her out for her birthday (Moxie Burger). I made myself a cheese quesadilla and popcorn.

Crazy busy Monday. Four team members out. Fighting fires all day. All problems caused by a full moon are only intensified by a super moon. Slow Monday night, which was fine after such a busy day. Stopped on the way home but passed on some fashionable adidas Torsion sneakers and a Braves Vision shirt. Ceil cooked chicken pasta. M had a few bites. Watched The Voice and another good episode of Last Man Standing.

Halloween has become so over-commercialized. People have taken Satan completely out of it. (Jay Leno, recently on the Tonight Show).

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