Wednesday, November 09, 2016


The “forgotten” people in the country will no longer be forgotten.” The forgotten majority. This is not a God thing. God will work in the world regardless of who’s President. Some thoughts on some of the reactions I’m hearing and reading:
The people have spoken.” People are so soon to forget. Millions didn’t like it when Obama was elected (and re-elected). There weren’t protests, and I didn’t hear as much complaining as I am now (perhaps because social media is much more prevalent today). The vocal minority? Have the people spoken more about Trump, or more about Hillary (and Obama?).
As usual, the different networks were telling different stories. "The differences were unbelievable", said a co-worker watching in a bar showing CNN and Fox side by side. “Expert” “journalists” stammering to interpret results and give Hillary a chance with 95% of the ballots counted.  
Canada is going to have to build a wall.” Is the world a better place now that social media tells us which side everyone’s on? In the past we didn’t have this knowledge. Were people happier back when they didn’t know so much?
Trump is a boor. Brash. And worse. Can’t keep his mouth shut. Some called him the lesser of two evils. Will he last four years? At least Vice-President Elect Pence is a solid guy (though some in the always-arguing Christian community disagree). Such is the fallen world we live in today.
Investors like normalcy, security. They dislike volatility. Will this cause the economy to slump? Today the stock market is opening a thousand points down. "At least Alec Baldwin has a job for the next four years" I wasn’t the first to tell that joke. Another bad line: this Wednesday after Election Day has turned “Hump Day” into “Trump Day.”
The Presidency is far more complicated than any of us could ever know. Us regular folk may care about one or two pet issues, but a President must be intimately involved in them all: gay rights, illegal immigration and refugees, taxes and the economy, abortion, race relations, foreign policy, trade agreements, hostile enemies, the treat of ISIS and radical islam, the military, obamacare, welfare, religious freedom and tolerance, balancing the budget, etc.
Can the Republican House and Senate work with the new President, or will they fight and squabble in yet another power grab? Trump needs to hire Herschel as his Secretary of Defense.
This morning people are hurting. Many have been for a long time. You can real between the lines of their Facebook feeds. Just like they can read between the lines on mine. This is no great victory for America. Hard to believe we live in a country so divided. People wanted diversity. They got it. Some fear what a Trump presidency will do to their lifestyle. While I need to give over my fears to God, I too have many worries, none even partially evaporated by Trump’s victory. Donald Trump is not the answer, or God’s chosen savior of America. More than ever, God Himself is our only hope.
They know not what they have done.” Perhaps a more appropriate verse for today is 2 Chronicles 7:14-15: “If my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.”
My Election Day: Left work at 5 pm. Traffic wasn’t light, but there was no wait at the poll. Was home by six. Next time I’m gonna speed vote – rush in, fill out the forms super quick, and rush through the ballot. People were bragging on how quick they voted. I’m shooting for less than two minutes, in and out.
Watched a bad Hallmark Channel movie. We were only flipping over to see election results during commercials. I’m told most networks had talking heads defending both candidates. Co-worker was in a bar with TV’s showing CNN and Fox side by side. Said the maps looked completely different. By 3 am they looked the same.
This morning I listened to my Mark Twain book instead of election coverage or sports talk.

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