Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Movies I Like

Movies I’ve liked over the years. Not every movie I’ve ever seen, just the ones I’ll stop and watch if I see them on TV. Did I miss any?
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (action)
The Adjustment Bureau (action) Matt Damon
The Age of Adaline (drama)
Air Force One (action) Harrison Ford
The American President (romance) Michael Douglas
America’s Sweethearts (romantic comedy) Julia Roberts John Cusack
Animal House (comedy) Jim Belushi
Apollo 13 (drama) Tom Hanks Kevin Bacon
The Aristocats (animated) Zsa Zsa Gabor
As Good as it Gets (drama) Jack Nicholson Diane Keaton
At Middleton (drama) Andy Garcia Vera Farminga
Autumn in New York Richard Gere Winona Ryder
The Aviator (drama) Leonardo Dicaprio Cate Blanchett
Babe (adventure)
Baby Boom (romance) Diane Keaton
Back to the Future 1 & 2 (3 not so much) (adventure) Michael J Fox
Beautiful Girls (drama) Matt Dillon Tim Hutton Natalie Portman Lauren Holly
Being John Malkovich (drama)
The Best of Times (sports) Kurt Russell Robin Williams
Big (adventure) Tom Hanks
The Big Chill (drama) William Hurt Kevin Klein
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (comedy) Keanu Reeves
The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings! (sports)
The Blind Side (drama) Sandra Bulloch
Bolt (animated) John Travolta
The Breakfast Club (drama) Molly Ringwald Judd Nelson
Brian’s Song (sports) James Caan Billy Dee Williams
Bridge of Spies (Drama) Tom Hanks
Broken Arrow (action) John Travolta Christian Slater
Bull Durham (sports) Kevin Cosner Tim Robbins Susan Sarandon
Butter (drama) Jennifer Gardner
Cars (animated) Owen Wilson Paul Newman Larry the Cable Guy
Cast Away (drama) Tom Hanks
Catch Me if You Can (drama) Tom Hanks Leonardo Dicaprio Amy Adams
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (adventure) Johnny Depp
The Chase (action) Charlie Sheen
Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2 (comedy) Steve Martin
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (musical) Dick Van Dyke
Cinderella (adventure) Cate Blanchett
City of Angels (drama) Meg Ryan Nicolas Cage
City Slickers (comedy) Billy Crystal
Clear and Present Danger (action) Harrison Ford
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (animated)
Cocoon (adventure) Steve Guttenberg
Con Air (action) Nicolas Cage John Cusack
Contact (drama) Jodie Foster
Crazy Stupid Love (comedy) Steve Carrell
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (drama) Brad Pitt Cate Blanchett
Dave (romance) Kevin Klein Sigourney Weaver
The DaVinci Code (action) Tom Hanks
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (comedy) Steve Martin
Déjà Vu (drama) Denzel Washington
Despicable Me (animated) Steve Carrell
The Devil Wears Prada (drama) Anne Hathaway, Merryl Streep
Dirty Dancing (romance) Jennifer Grey
Eagle Eye (action romance) M Monaghan S LeBeouf B B Thornton
Edward Scissorhands (drama) Johnny Depp
Eight Men Out (sports) John Cusack, Charlie Sheen
Elf (comedy) Will Ferrell James Caan Bob Newhart
The Emperor's New Groove (cartoon) David Spade
Enchanted (adventure) Amy Adams
Evan Almighty (comedy) Steve Carrell
Executive Decision (action) Kurt Russell
E.T. the Extrarrestial (adventure) Drew Barrymore
The Family Man (romance) Nicolas Cage Tia Leone
Father of the Bride (comedy) Steve Martin Diane Keaton Martin Short
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (comedy) Matthew Broderick
Fever Pitch (comedy) Jimmy Fallon Drew Barrymore
Field of Dreams (sports) Kevin Cosner James Earl Jones
Finding Dory (animated) Ellen DeGeneres
Finding Nemo (animated) Albert Brooks
Finding Neverland (drama) Johnny Depp
Fluke (adventure) Nancy Travis
Forrest Gump (drama) Tom Hanks Sally Field
Footloose (drama) Kevin Bacon
For the Love of the Game (sports) Kevin Cosner Vin Scully
Freaky Friday (comedy) Jamie Lee Curtis
The Fugitive (drama) Harrison Ford
Fun With Dick and Jane (comedy) Jim Carrey Tia Leone
Galaxy Quest (sci-fi) Tim Allen
The Game Plan (sports) Dwayne Johnson
Garfield (comedy) Bill Murray Jennifer Love Hewitt
Get Smart (comedy) Anne Hathaway, Steve Carrell
Ghostbusters (comedy) Bill Murray Dan Ackroyd
Girls Night Out (comedy)
The Good Shepherd (drama) Matt Damon
Gravity (drama) Sandra Bulloch George Clooney
Grease (musical) John Travolta Olivia Newton-John
Groundhog Day (romantic comedy) Bill Murray Andie MacDonald
Guarding Tess (comedy) Nicolas Cage Shirley MacLane
Hairspray (musical) John Travolta
Heaven Can Wait (sports) Warren Beatty Buck Henry
Herbie the Love Bug (old & new) (comedy) Dean Jones
High School Musical 1, 2, & 3 (musical) Zack Efron
Hoodwinked (animated) Anne Hathaway
Home Alone (comedy) Macaulay Caulken
Hoosiers (sports) Gene Hackman
How to Train Your Dragon (animated)
The Hudsucker Proxy (drama) Tim Robbins
Hunger Games (action) Jennifer Lawrence
The Hunt For Red October (action) Alec Baldwin
I.Q.(romance) Walter Matthau Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan
The Ides of March (drama) George Clooney
In the Land of Women (drama) Meg Ryan
In the Line of Fire (action) Clint Eastwood
Inception (drama) Matt Damon
The Incredibles (animated) Craig T Nelson Holly Hunter Sarah Vowel
Independence Day (action) Will Smith Jeff Goldblum
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (action) Harrison Ford
Inferno (action) Tom Hanks
The Intern (comedy) Anne Hathaway Robert DeNiro
The Interview (action comedy) James Franco
Invincible (sports) Mark Wahlberg Elizabeth Banks Greg Kinnear 
It Could Happen to You (romance) Bridget Fonda Nicolas Gage
It’s Complicated (comedy) Meryl Streep Alec Baldwin
The Jerk (comedy) Steve Martin
Jerry Maguire (drama) Tom Cruise Cuba Gooding Rene Zellwinger
Jersey Girl (romance) Ben Affleck
The Jewel of the Nile (action) Michael Douglass
Joy (drama) Jennifer Lawrence
Julie and Julia (drama) Amy Adams Merryl Streep
Jurassic Park (action) Jeff Goldblum Laura Dern Sam Neill Wayne Knight
Kindergarten Cop (action romance) Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Lake House (drama) Sandra Bulloch Keanu Reeves
La La Land (musical) Emma Stone Ryan Gosling
Larry Crowne (romance) Tom Hanks Julia Roberts
A League of Their Own (sports) Tom Hanks Geena Davis
Leap Year (romance) Amy Adams
Letters to Juliette (romance)
Little Shop of Horrors (musical) Steve Martin
The Lonely Guy (comedy) Steve Martin, Charles Grodin
The Longest Yard (action) Burt Reynolds
Lord of War (drama) Nicolas Cage
The Man with Two Brains (comedy) Steve Martin
The Manchurian Candidate (drama) Denzel Washington Merryl Streep
Marley and Me (comedy) Jennifer Anniston Owen Wilson
Mary Poppins (musical) Julie Andrews Dick Van Dyke
The Maze Runner (action)
Monty Python & the Holy Grail (comedy) John Cleese
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (comedy) Dustin Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (action) Brad Pitt Angelina Jole
Multiplicity (comedy) Michael Keaton Andie MacDowell
Must Love Dogs (romance) John Cusack Diane Lane
My Best Friend’s Wedding (romance) Julia Roberts
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (comedy) John Corbett
My Name is Doris (rom com) Sally Field
Nanny McPhee (comedy)
National Treasure 1 & 2 (action) Nicolas Cage
The Natural (sports) Robert Redford
Night at the Museum 1 & 2 (action) Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Amy Adams
The Notebook (romance) Rachel McAdams
Nothing in Common (drama) Tom Hanks Sela Ward Jackie Gleason
Office Space (comedy) Jennifer Anniston
One Fine Day (romance) George Clooney Michelle Pfeiffer
The Parent Trap (old & new) (romantic comedy) B Keith D Quaid
Parental Guidance (comedy) Billy Crystal Bette Midler Marisa Tomei
Patriot Games (action) Harrison Ford
Pirates of the Caribbean (adventure) Johnny Depp
The Pistol (sports)
Point of No Return (action) Bridget Fonda
The Poseidon Adventure (action) Ernest Borgnine Gene Hackman
The Princess Bride (adventure)
The Princess Diaries (comedy) Julie Andrews Anne Hathaway

Quiz Show (drama) Rob Morrow Ralph Fiennes
Raiders of the Lost Ark (adventure) Harrison Ford
Rain Man (drama) Dustin Hoffman Tom Cruise
Raising Arizona (comedy) Nicolas Cage Holly Hunter
Random Hearts (romance) Harrison Ford
Regarding Henry (drama) Harrison Ford
The Replacements (sports) Keanu Reeves Gene Hackman
The Right Stuff (drama) Ed Harris Dennis Quaid
Ring of Fire (romance) Reese Witherspoon
Romancing the Stone (adventure) Michael Douglass
The Rookie (sports) Dennis Quaid
Runaway Jury (drama) Dustin Hoffman John Cusack
Sabrina (old and new) (romance) Harrison Ford Lauren Holly Greg Kinnear
Safe Haven (romance)
The Sandlot (sports)
The Santa Claus 1 & 2 (comedy) Tim Allen
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (adventure) Ben Stiller Kristin Wiig
Secretariat (sports) Diane Lane Jeff Bridges
Serendipity (romance) John Cusack
A Series of Unfortunate Events (drama) Merryl Streep John Cleese
The Shawshank Redemption (drama) Tim Robbins
Six Days, Seven Nights (romance) Harrison Ford
Skipping Christmas (comedy) Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis
Sleepless in Seattle (romance) Tom Hanks Meg Ryan
Sky High (action) Kurt Russell
Smokey and the Bandit (action) Burt Reynolds Sally Field
So I Married an Axe Murderer (comedy) Mike Myers Nancy Travis
The Social Network (drama)
The Source Code (action romance) Jake Gyllenhaal Vera Farminga
The Sound of Music (musical) Julie Andrews
Speechless (romance) Geena Davis Michael Keaton
Spiderman (action)
Splash (comedy) Tom Hanks John Candy Darryl Hannah
Stand by Me (drama) Wil Wheaton
Star Trek III The Search for Spock (adventure) Leonard Nimoy
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (adventure) William Shatner
Star Wars A New Hope (adventure) Mark Hamil Harrison Ford
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (adventure) Carrie Fisher
Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi (adventure) Billy Dee Williams
Star Wars Rogue One (adventure) Felicity Jones
Stripes (comedy) Bill Murray Harold Ramis
Stuart Little (adventure) Geena Davis
Sully (drama) Tom Hanks
The Sure Thing (romantic comedy) John Cusack
Sweet Home Alabama (romantic comedy) Reese Witherspoon
The Terminal (drama) Tom Hanks Stanley Tucci
The Time Traveler’s Wife (romance) Rachel McAdams
Three Men and a Baby (comedy) Steve Gutenberg Ted Danson
Three Men and a Lady (comedy) Tom Selleck Nancy Travis
Tin Cup (sports) Kevin Cosner, Cheech Marin
Tootsie (comedy) Dustin Hoffman Bill Murray Geena Davis
Top Gun (action) Tom Cruise
The Tourist (action) Johnny Depp Angelina Jole
Toy Story 1, 2, & 3 (animated) Tom Hanks Tim Allen
Trading Places (comedy) Dan Ackroyd Eddie Murphy
Trouble With the Curve (sports) C Eastwood J Timberlake A Adams
The Truman Show (drama) Jim Carrey
The Truth About Cats and Dogs (romantic comedy) Uma Thurman
Two Weeks’ Notice (romance) Sandra Bulloch
Underdog (comedy) Jim Belushi
Up in the Air (drama) George Clooney Vera Farminga
The Vow (romance) Rachel McAdams
Wargames (drama) Matthew Broderick
Wayne’s World (comedy) Mike Myers Dana Carvey Rob Lowe
When Harry Met Sally (romantic comedy) Billy Crystal Meg Ryan
While You Were Sleeping (romance) Sandra Bulloch
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (adventure) Gene Wilder
Witness (drama) Harrison Ford
You’ve Got Mail (romance) Tom Hanks Meg Ryan
Yours Mine & Ours (romantic comedy) Dennis Quaid Rene Russo
11-22-63 (drama) James Franco
2012 (action) John Cusack

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