Thursday, June 25, 2009


Been so busy...but yesterday afternoon Will talked me into going down to the game…and a friend is taking me tonight! Can’t turn that down, though I’m not a fan of big crowds and Yankee fans by the thousands. Guess they wanted to save Gonzo, Moylan, and Soriano for when the game is tied or the Braves are ahead. Medlin did great for awhile, and by the time Acosta came in they had given up. Don’t want to wear out the good guys like they did Boyer last year.

Interesting none of these games this week are sellouts…plenty of empty seats the last 2 nights. Too bad KK got struck…seemed like the game turned when Giraldi was tossed. How many career ABs does Mariano have? (Two).

Ceil is pretty much finished painting the TV area…white trim. Finally painted the new French doors…white. She painted the fireplace a teal blue. Same color on the window box, and the sides of the kitchen cabinets that face the TV area. Yesterday she was quite relieved that a friend came over to help…last night they all went to Moes. They also reconfigured where stuff was…took out lots of books, added bowls and other decorations, moved the coffee maker. Got rid of lots of clutter.

Gotta get back to the library.

Big “customer day” today here at work. They’ve been cleaning up, repainting, repaving, buying new chairs, shirts, nametags. Having BBQ from 10:30 – 3 pm, so I won’t be hungry tonight.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Night at the Ted

1:45...Will talked me into going to the Braves Yankees game...leaving Ceil & Anna home to finish painting (Ceil DID give us her blessing).

2:05...slipped out of work. Picked up Charles on the way home.

2:50...left home, without watering the new grass. Had to stop and get gas before hopping on 75 south...durn Civic only went 445 miles on 12 gallons! Traffic not too bad on the connector.

3:25...dropped off Will & Charles to get in the Skyline ticket line & parked. In my rush, I forgot my scorebook...and glasses. Despite reports of gates opening 3-1/2 hours before game time, we had to wait until 4 pm. Had a nice chat with a dad from upstate NY, taking his 2 kids to their first game. Later we sat with them, as our tickets were next to each other.

4:00 - 4:50...Braves take infield. Escobar & Chipper studiously take grounders at thier positions. McCann stretches and sprints. Francoeur goofs off. Nothing new there.

4:50-5:35...Braves BP. A much heavier BP crowd than usual. I spot one regular. Yankees fans think nothing of crowding the ailse and standing right in front of seated fans. The foul section adjoining the Yankee dugout is opened, and there's a mad dash for the front row. Fans are lined up ten deep.

5:35-6:20...Yankees BP. You'd thought it was the second coming. Fans worshipped, calling out to the gods before them. CC. Johnny. Mariano. Quietly alongside, Hideki Matsui gracefully fielded balls, waiting til the ballboy was available to take his throw. Later his graceful swing reminded me of Chipper's. Johnny Damon sported some awful white shoes (later a reliever wore some IN THE GAME).

A young family next to me tried to keep tabs on their wandering seven year old. Just as I told them I'd lost my 15-year old, Will breaks through a crowd to athletically snag a home run ball. Five minutes later he caught each for he and Charles. 6:20-7:00 After BP we slowly circled the stadium, clockwise from LF. Saw the Lemmer and Chip Carey leaving their broadcast book. I'd always thought Chip to be a slender guy, but I caught a glimpse of his backside...he takes after his dad and grandfather, for sure. Caught up with the lady at the designated driver booth, who pulls double duty now that the G-Braves are in town.

The Game...Kowakami retired 9 straight, but Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain's line drive up the middle knocked him out of the game. Medlin continued the perfect game through five innings, then after walking the leadoff man in the sixth, picked him off first. The Yankees had gone scoreless in 14 straight innings. With nothing to lose, Yankee skipper Joe Giraldi got himself thrown out of the game arguing. The first base ump gracefully turned and threw him out.

After that it was all New York. The next batter homered, breaking up the no-hitter. The Braves mounted a couple of rallies, but could never catch up.

Hit the Varsity on the way home. They changed theor chocolate shake recipe, so I need to stop getting them. The rings seem less greasy, but you don't get as many. Oh, for the good old days. Still, not a bad evening.

And I'm going back tomorrow!

Monday, June 22, 2009

weak end

Will’s team broke out and won two Saturday, beating teams they should beat. Will did OK at the plate…BB, line drive single, HBP, sac bunt…but also 2 weak grounders and a popup. Batted sixth.

Audie, the new leadoff hitter, had his worst day of the year, striking out 4 times. He told his dad he didn’t like batting leadoff, but perhaps he was somewhere else…he forgot his cap. Will wasn’t wearing his numbered undershirt.

Will was involved in three double plays playing SS. Also played half of one game at second. His error was on a tough backhand play in the hole…he still came close to throwing out the batter.

Made two glaring mistakes had nothing to do with hitting…his walk placed runners on first & third with two out, and a weak throwing catcher. They’ll give him second base, but Will took a huge lead…and the pitcher picked him off before throwing another pitch.

After the HBP a grounder got past the SS. Will rounded second and headed to third. Expecting a close play, he slid headfirst into third…missing the third base coach waving him home. The CF had also booted the ball. Will did score on a WP.

After being out in the heat all day, also cleaning out the garage a little, Matthew and I went for a refreshing swim Saturday night. Friday night everyone was gone, so Matthew and I went to Moes, and rented Paul Blart Mall Cop…kinda funny.

After NP Sunday (good story about a Porsche) Will and Matthew went to Macon with me. Will drove to Southlake Mall before tiring…he and Matthew slept the rest of the way. Matthew helped my mom sort pictures. Will cut the entire huge yard, and I spent the entire time pulling grass and trimming hedges. Then we dragged four big dumpster loads of trimmings to the woods. Ate at Moes in McDonough on the way back…we were all famished, it was good. Got back and took Anna and Matthew swimming from 9:15 to 10 pmAnna swam 50 laps (the short way).

Tonight Ceil and I are supposed to look at our finances. She’s been painting the TV area. Had my head in my work…tons to do…perhaps I’m making progress. Tough loss yesterday…I missed it.

Going to see the Yankees

I was planning on taking off the 25th afternoon and taking Will down early for dollar tickets, but now that I think about it, they might not have the dollar tickets for those two series. Even if they do, the lines will be early and long, and you’ll actually have to sit in that crummy seat.

Will was dropped from leadoff to seventh Tuesday, and went 1-4 with a nice triple to the RFC. Almost had a single up the middle, but also two ordinary fly balls. Started at 2B instead of SS, but moved to SS after two innings (other SS made an error).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Watched the new Sports South special on McCann…Will watched with rapt attention. Hopefully Will sees that these guys practiced every day as kids. Will is at the point where he can’t get by on ability, if he heeds what coaches say, it can keep him above average. Friday he worked with his old coach, then in the game hit 2 line drives…one to RF on a curveball (also struck out swinging on a full count / 2 out / RISP (& also a HBP)).

Went to Moes after the game…on the way saw my co-worker in the Dodge Challenger. Saturday worked around the house, and got sick from the dust.

Pitched to Will Sunday after church, he was hitting ok. While he was pitching to my mitt, a pitch hit me in the toe…big bruise. It’ll be a few days before I can run…hopefully no longer.

Will’s old coach has arranged for Will to take a lesson from a real batting instructor, former minor leaguer Skip Shipp. Will also has BP tonight, a game tomorrow, and practice Wednesday. Last night I was watching Elizabethtown, which I thought good.

Dunno if these Braves are ever going to get it together…not fun to watch when they’re down ten runs.

We have a bunch of vendors in for meetings this week, I probably can’t avoid.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Last night Will’s team was the lowest seed and faced the # 1 seed…the team that beat them 12-3 Monday. Without their best hitter, the Prowlers won 2-0. Then they had to play the E.Cobb Astros, the team that beat them 7-0 on Tuesday…as well as another beating earlier in the year. The Prowlers were now out of pitchers, so catcher AJ got the start. E Cobb went up 7-1, but the Prowlers came back and tied it in the top of the 6th. Audie came on and pitched well, but the Astros got a run across in the bottom of the inning and won. Got home around midnight.

Jared had batted after Audie all year. Last night without Tyler the order was changed, and Jared batted after Mitch, so was after Audie. Jared accidentally followed Audie and fouled off the first pitch, before realizing his mistake. Mitch then inherited the 0-1 count, without any further penalty.

One of the E Cobb players let a pitch go by outside the zone, but just as the ball crossed the plate he appeared to take a low practice swing. The plate umpire called out “ball!” as was his style. I immediately exclaimed “he swung!” Eventually the ump asked for help, and the base umpire signaled strike. I’d never seen anyone swing like that before.

Will did ok in the field, using his new glove…but struggled again at the plate. He hit some good hard line drives foul, but also swung at several pitches he never should’ve gone after…having made up his mind that he would swing, then swinging too hard. Three times he chopped to the pitcher. Did get a hit past the third-baseman, and walked once. We had a good talk on the way home…he agreed he gets messed up when he faces an inferior team. Everyone is hitting, and that’s when he gets over anxious, trying to kill the ball, hitting off his front foot instead of staying back.

They play at Kell at six. If they win, they play a second game tonight. I’ll miss Hanson again tonight.

Will the Magic win another game, or are they done?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad Times All Around

Will was so frustrated after Monday’s game that he was almost in tears. He ate up inferior teams Saturday and got 2 hits in Sunday game one, then got frustrated against good pitchers Sunday evening and Monday, flailing at the first pitch. Monday he let 2 tough grounders get under his glove, & pulled the 1B off the bag on another. Playing halfway he threw home to get a runner, but didn’t put as much on the throw as he should’ve, and the ball arrived just as the runner slud into the catcher, and the ball was dropped.

They were playing a good team who sprinted off the field and always fired the ball around…not for show, they were a sharp, well-coached team…hard-hitting. Will came in to pitch and they lit him up, scoring 4 runs. At least he threw strikes; he only walked the little last batter, who walked all 3 times he batted. Then a batter hit a walk-off HR…his run put the run rule into effect.

Yesterday Ceil took him to get a new glove and arranged a batting lesson with one of his old coaches. Last night he was back hitting line drives, and made most of the tough plays in the field. Without their best hitter (Will ranks about 4th) the Prowlers lost to an elite East Cobb team.

Anna has been spending lots of time on sleepovers and with friends. Matthew had a rare sleepover friend at our house last night. I took them swimming from 8:45 to 9:45. Since no one was there, I walked laps around the pool.

I’m getting crotchety in my old age. Hacks me off that no one listens or reads emails. Our lives are easier with this VMI, but we’re still several months away from having things running right. Me and my group rarely receive credit for all we do.

The big boss commented positively on my loafers today. I’m sure I’m thinking too much, but it made me want to get a pair of wing tips. Upper management has directed him to wear a tie during this “economical downturn” so I’ve tried to dress nicer as well (just no tie). My area of the office is ten degrees warmer than other areas, since I’m next to the western wall. It’s hot in the afternoons, so I did trade dress shirts for nice golf shirts.

My work neighbor spent last week in Sea Grove Beach, not far east of Destin.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's a Heartbreak

The Prowlers won their first Sunday game to get in the finals, but a Chattanooga team won 3 games Sunday, including the final, to take the tourney. They had two excellent pitchers, and won 4-1.

Will got 2 hits in the first game, but struggled in the final (as did most everyone: they only managed 3 hits…two by Audi). He did smash a line drive foul. He’s trying to kill the ball, lunging instead of keeping his weight back, swinging at the first pitch no matter where it is…kinda like a certain Braves rightfielder we know.

Several bang bang plays in the final…once we threw the ball around and looked bad, but they did turn a 8-2-6 DP. Will also turned a tough 4-6-3 DP to kill an early rally. They only allowed 8 runs in 5 games.

We had a fun time on the trip, plus the Civic got 44.0 MPG.

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Shag

The Shag is the official dance of the state of South Carolina.

It’s also the official carpet.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Two Hits in One Inning

By winning their two Saturday games, the Prowlers go into Sunday tourney play as the number one seed. They outscored their opponents 25 – 1. Will went 4-5 with two doubles, four runs, and five RBIs…including two hits in one inning.

In the 1 pm game against the Mudcats, the first pitch of the third inning barely grazed the brim of Will’s helmet, and he was awarded first base. After Audi singled, the catcher tried to pick him off first, and Will was able to swipe third. Then with runners on first and third, Audi took off for second on the pitch. The catcher’s throw to second was cut off by the shortstop in front of the bag, but the throw home to get Will was late. Already hurting from a sprained pinkie, Will came up shaking his hand again, as the catcher stepped on Will’s thumb.

With a runner on third in the fourth inning, Will stuck out his bat and poked a 0-2 pitch just past the pitcher, then beat out the throw to first for an RBI single. He then scored from first on Audi’s double. Will’s hit in the next inning landed just in between two outfielders, and he hustled into second with an RBI double.

Every run allowed was crucial in this tourney, as this determined seeding. After the Mudcats leadoff hitter singled, the number two hitter doubled into the corner in left. As the leadoff hitter tried to score from first, Will took the throw in from Ryan G in shallow leftfield. Will’s throw to plate beat the runner by twenty feet, and AJ easily tagged out the runner…saving a run allowed.

Although that second batter later scored on a sac fly, Prowler pitchers Tyler and Ryan T faced the minimum number of batters the rest of the game.

The 5 pm game was more of the same. Will led of the first with a grounder past the third baseman. He stole second and scored on Mitch’s single to right. Later in the same inning Will came up with the bases loaded, and smashed the 0-1 pitch on a line over the left-fielder’s head, all the way to the distant outfield wall…driving in all three baserunners.

Will scored from first again in the third, after reaching base on a walk. Ryan G went the distance for the Prowlers, tossing the shutout…striking out six in four innings.

Will…4-5, 4 runs, 5 RBI, BB, HBP, 2 SB, 2 doubles
Audie…5-6, 3 runs, SB, 3 RBI, 2 doubles
Jared…2-5, run, 2 RBI, double, BB
Tyler…1-4, 2 BBs, RBI, 3 runs, triple
Mitch…1-3, run, sac fly, 3 RBI, 2 SB, BB
AJ…2-4, HBP, run, 2 RBI
Ryan T…2-3, double, BB, HBP, 2 runs, 2 RBI, 2 SB
Ryan G…1-2, 3 runs, 2 HBP, BB, double
Parker…1-3, double, 3 runs, 2 BB, BB
Michael…1-4, 2 runs, 2 RBI
Durham…2 runs

Before the games Will and took a quick tour of the Tennessee campus, where he was unimpressed by Neyland Stadium, the second-largest stadium in the country.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Will's Defense Sparks Prowler Win

Friday night the Prowlers beat a strong Knoxville Stars team 5 – 1 in their tourney opener. Tyler slugged two home runs, Michael & Ryan T only allowed six hits over 7 innings, and Will & Mitch’s defense led the way in the vistory.

Will hit two solid line drives to left field, one over the third-baseman’s head for a single, and another that the left-fielder tracked down.

On defense, Will made several fine plays at shortstop…
1. Ventured into the hole at short and made a nice backhanded catch, then set himself & threw out the runner at first, in the third inning.
2. Threw out two runners at first in the fourth inning. With two out the runner from first took off on a steal of second. As Will moved to his left to cover the bag, the batter slapped a grounder into the hole just vacated by Will. Will dove back to his right and caught the ball, then threw out the batter at first…from his knees!
3. In the sixth the Prowlers clung to a 4-1 lead, when the Stars leadoff hitter lined a 2-1 pitch up the middle. It looked like a leadoff single, but Will went horizontal, diving to catch the liner in midair. He came down on his glove but held on, but sprained his glove pinkie finger in the process.
4. In the bottom of the seventh the leadoff batter walked, and the next hitter hit a grounder past the pitcher up the middle. Again Will ventured to his left, scooped up the ball, stepped on the base, and threw to first to complete the double-play…securing the victory.

Mitch also made five fine defensive plays at the hot corner, and Jared tracked down a line drive in each of the first three innings out in centerfield.

The Stars were comprised of players who live up to two hours away from Knoxville. The coach used to be the pitching coach for the University of Tennessee. Colorado Rockies All-Star Todd Helton once played for the Stars.

Will…single, 2 putouts, 4 assists
Audi…double, putout
Jared…single, run, 3 putouts
Tyler…2 HR, 3 RBI, 10 putouts
Mitch…putout, 3 assists
Ryan T…HBP twice, 2 runs, assist
Ryan G…single, RBI
Parker…single, RBI, assist
Michael…single, 4 IP, 3 K, 1 ER
Durham…stolen base

After the game the boys hung out at the hotel, playing basketball, swimming, and eating pizza and wings. Saturday the Prowlers play at one and five.

Braves = :)

Wild week for the Braves…couldn’t have worked out much better, except for how Glavine was handled. But he still thinks he has it, though DOB painted an un-pretty picture for his prospects. If he didn’t want to retire the Braves could’ve traded him (which could’ve taken some time) or released him…what Glavine wanted. That’s what they did, despite the bad PR. Could’ve let him try. Heard Wren on 790 say Medlin was called up as a temporary move, as they were hoping Glavine would be ready in a few weeks. At that time Medlin had better stats, so the move was justified…he almost made the team out of spring training.

Interesting that Cox had McLouth batting third last night…think it had to do with Chipper being hobbled? Watched that old Frenchy SportSouth show last night again…Will wanted to. Interesting SI cover story this week…I haven’t finished the article.

Nice extra-inning win the other night when Frenchy homered with 2 out and 2 strikes in the ninth. Later he had the sac bunt. Soriano pitched 2 innings.

Working until 11 or so. Just got off the phone with Ceil, she is now going to TYS, so I can spend time with Matthew…hopefully we can work on the playhouse. No, wait, I went. Things are better at work, except for unotivated co-workers.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Second Straight Tourney Championship

Will’s team won a thriller semifinal on Sunday. Down 3-3, catcher AJ knocked a double over the CF’s head to take a 4-3 lead. Then in the 6th inning the opponents placed runners at 2nd & 3rd with NO out. Mitch had gone the distance, and struck out the next three batters for the win. Don’t know why we didn’t intentionally walk the bases loaded, now that I think about it. After two homers, a triple, and BB on Friday/Saturday, Will took an 0-fer…but played decent defense.

In the final, the other team didn’t have any pitchers left, and we won 19-2. Will scored 4 runs with a single, 2 walks, and a HBP…he just about let the pitch graze the side of his helmet.

This weekend is the Knoxville tourney…on the western side of town, it seems.

Guess the Braves will give Glavine a month or so before turning to Hanson. Soon we’ll need the best 5 starters, especially with so many of the hitters not on track or hurt…Chipper, Frenchy, Schafer, etc. Lowe, JJ, Vasquez, Hudson, Hanson…with Medlin and in the bullpen.

Still crazy at work, people don’t listen or answer questions. Had my review today with the Ogre, which went well…I just had too much going on to prolong it.

Ceil will want to see Star Trek, as do I.

Saw a new Camero the other day. Finally found out who owned the new black Plymouth Roadrunner / Dodge Challenger Hemi in the parking lot. A guy who is always into toys and things…used to referee HS football and play adult ice hockey. Also has a motorcycle.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Who Said...

You know what's weird? Donald Duck never wore pants. But whenever he's getting out of the shower, he always put a towel around his waist. I mean, what is that about?