Saturday, June 06, 2009

Two Hits in One Inning

By winning their two Saturday games, the Prowlers go into Sunday tourney play as the number one seed. They outscored their opponents 25 – 1. Will went 4-5 with two doubles, four runs, and five RBIs…including two hits in one inning.

In the 1 pm game against the Mudcats, the first pitch of the third inning barely grazed the brim of Will’s helmet, and he was awarded first base. After Audi singled, the catcher tried to pick him off first, and Will was able to swipe third. Then with runners on first and third, Audi took off for second on the pitch. The catcher’s throw to second was cut off by the shortstop in front of the bag, but the throw home to get Will was late. Already hurting from a sprained pinkie, Will came up shaking his hand again, as the catcher stepped on Will’s thumb.

With a runner on third in the fourth inning, Will stuck out his bat and poked a 0-2 pitch just past the pitcher, then beat out the throw to first for an RBI single. He then scored from first on Audi’s double. Will’s hit in the next inning landed just in between two outfielders, and he hustled into second with an RBI double.

Every run allowed was crucial in this tourney, as this determined seeding. After the Mudcats leadoff hitter singled, the number two hitter doubled into the corner in left. As the leadoff hitter tried to score from first, Will took the throw in from Ryan G in shallow leftfield. Will’s throw to plate beat the runner by twenty feet, and AJ easily tagged out the runner…saving a run allowed.

Although that second batter later scored on a sac fly, Prowler pitchers Tyler and Ryan T faced the minimum number of batters the rest of the game.

The 5 pm game was more of the same. Will led of the first with a grounder past the third baseman. He stole second and scored on Mitch’s single to right. Later in the same inning Will came up with the bases loaded, and smashed the 0-1 pitch on a line over the left-fielder’s head, all the way to the distant outfield wall…driving in all three baserunners.

Will scored from first again in the third, after reaching base on a walk. Ryan G went the distance for the Prowlers, tossing the shutout…striking out six in four innings.

Will…4-5, 4 runs, 5 RBI, BB, HBP, 2 SB, 2 doubles
Audie…5-6, 3 runs, SB, 3 RBI, 2 doubles
Jared…2-5, run, 2 RBI, double, BB
Tyler…1-4, 2 BBs, RBI, 3 runs, triple
Mitch…1-3, run, sac fly, 3 RBI, 2 SB, BB
AJ…2-4, HBP, run, 2 RBI
Ryan T…2-3, double, BB, HBP, 2 runs, 2 RBI, 2 SB
Ryan G…1-2, 3 runs, 2 HBP, BB, double
Parker…1-3, double, 3 runs, 2 BB, BB
Michael…1-4, 2 runs, 2 RBI
Durham…2 runs

Before the games Will and took a quick tour of the Tennessee campus, where he was unimpressed by Neyland Stadium, the second-largest stadium in the country.

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