Friday, June 05, 2009

Will's Defense Sparks Prowler Win

Friday night the Prowlers beat a strong Knoxville Stars team 5 – 1 in their tourney opener. Tyler slugged two home runs, Michael & Ryan T only allowed six hits over 7 innings, and Will & Mitch’s defense led the way in the vistory.

Will hit two solid line drives to left field, one over the third-baseman’s head for a single, and another that the left-fielder tracked down.

On defense, Will made several fine plays at shortstop…
1. Ventured into the hole at short and made a nice backhanded catch, then set himself & threw out the runner at first, in the third inning.
2. Threw out two runners at first in the fourth inning. With two out the runner from first took off on a steal of second. As Will moved to his left to cover the bag, the batter slapped a grounder into the hole just vacated by Will. Will dove back to his right and caught the ball, then threw out the batter at first…from his knees!
3. In the sixth the Prowlers clung to a 4-1 lead, when the Stars leadoff hitter lined a 2-1 pitch up the middle. It looked like a leadoff single, but Will went horizontal, diving to catch the liner in midair. He came down on his glove but held on, but sprained his glove pinkie finger in the process.
4. In the bottom of the seventh the leadoff batter walked, and the next hitter hit a grounder past the pitcher up the middle. Again Will ventured to his left, scooped up the ball, stepped on the base, and threw to first to complete the double-play…securing the victory.

Mitch also made five fine defensive plays at the hot corner, and Jared tracked down a line drive in each of the first three innings out in centerfield.

The Stars were comprised of players who live up to two hours away from Knoxville. The coach used to be the pitching coach for the University of Tennessee. Colorado Rockies All-Star Todd Helton once played for the Stars.

Will…single, 2 putouts, 4 assists
Audi…double, putout
Jared…single, run, 3 putouts
Tyler…2 HR, 3 RBI, 10 putouts
Mitch…putout, 3 assists
Ryan T…HBP twice, 2 runs, assist
Ryan G…single, RBI
Parker…single, RBI, assist
Michael…single, 4 IP, 3 K, 1 ER
Durham…stolen base

After the game the boys hung out at the hotel, playing basketball, swimming, and eating pizza and wings. Saturday the Prowlers play at one and five.

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