Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost Opening Day

No surprise about the Braves trading J Anderson while they could…hopefully Shafer can keep it up. If he does, I’ll learn to spell his name. Nice about Chipper’s contract extension.

Last night Fox Sports had the top 50 catches, baseball and football. Had a few of Andruw’s, and the Otis catch. Made me think for the first time that I used to compare Andrew to Mays. No more.

Looks like I’m going Friday night to the Tigers game. Will is leading a group at Jekyll, and his team of leaders needed a team-building activity. Hopefully I can leave early…we’ll see.

Monday, March 30, 2009


C and M braved the Zoo despite the rain. Today they just got back from the doctor…he has exhema real bad. Yesterday he made this hilarious video while spying on the neighbor boys. What was so funny was his running commentary.

Anna and I had a rare Friday night out. We ate at Willie’s, hit Target and Wal-Mart looking for her some shorts, and rented City of Ember at Blockbuster. We also worked a bunch on her Isaac Newton presentation.

Watched most of the Saturday Braves game while doing laundry, then a bunch of the PGA tourney the last two days, as Tiger methodically came back. Jordan Shafer was batting when the space shuttle sonic-boomed overhead, so we quickly switched to CNN to watch the landing. Orlando to Cape Canaveral in 4 minutes…not bad.

Will had a big weekend. Went to one friend’s house Friday night to watch the NCAAs with a bunch of boys from his Wednesday ECPC youth group, & didn’t get home til after midnight. Saturday he went over to the Normans for a party. They got all wet sliding on the grass field by the river, and many wound up jumping in the Hootch (Will was first, of course). Yesterday he went to Holt’s birthday party at Discover Mills and saw a movie. No time for baseball with the rain, but he’ll be real busy the next month as well.

Anna’s best-friend’s father was laid off from his IBM programming job Friday, something he hadn’t seen coming. Our contact at my big customer was not laid off, at least not yet. Things are still crazy here. I’d like to think I would be the last of my 4 person team to get laid off, but since I’m probably the highest paid in my boss’s department, that may not be the case. I’ll trust that God will provide.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Man, it’s busy at work these days. My temp’s last day is Tuesday, then the 4 of us who remain will have more work to do. Another department also laid off a long-time employee yesterday. Times are rough. I’m trying to take off this afternoon, since Ceil’s leaving at 1 pm to spend the rainy night in the zoo with Matthew and his class. (Friday morning Ceil asked me to take her place, half-jokingly).

The kids are taking their standardized tests on Wednesday, so Ceil wants to minimize activity early next week.

Wednesday night Will put on the new Brewers jacket and wore it the rest of the evening. When I picked up him and Abby at school last night, it appeared he had worn it all day today as well. The pickup made me miss the Braves on TV last night. Matthew was watching SpongeBob and forgot his beloved American Idol (Ceil was gone).

Doing these exercises on the days I don’t run. One exercise was a leg curl, and as I had been doing them the last month or so I had thought more than once that it would probably make me somehow pull a muscle. Sure enough, I think something pulled Sunday afternoon on the baseball field, making my runs Monday and yesterday most painful. Happened to glance up at our building during my run, remembering the Ogre was meeting in the corner conference room next to my desk, close to the track. Damon was watching me, and we exchanged waves. The Ogre didn’t believe him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

quote of the day

Albert Pujols is like pizza…even when it’s bad, it’s good.

--Sports Illustrated


Don’t know if we save anything by going to Costco. We buy bigger quantities, so the kids eat it up faster. The pizza is cheap and good, as are the Cokes. Hot dogs are big and cheap, but not that great. Ceil still likes to drive all the way over to the Dekalb Farmers Market once or twice a month. Swears it’s tons cheaper than Harrys. She’s finally figuring out WalMart groceries are cheaper. There’s a quilt shop over there in Decatur she also likes to visit.

Anna was just talking about going to Destin yesterday. Will has games every weekend in May and June, and half of August. Perhaps we can work in a few days at some point.

Only can keep my temp thru month end. We’re having to buckle up, even if some don’t like it. All the rest of the office is getting hit with stuff. Better than the alternative. But vendor-managed inventory at EZGo should make things easier for us.

Found a bunch of co-workers on Facebook last night. This AM a guy asked if I was on. We’ll see if he looks me up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend On The Go

Will’s 29-0 JV team lost at least 2 in Missouri because Connor got hurt. The Girls also lost early, but still won their division (just not overall). The Varsity Boys finished 6th in the nation…not bad, considering at least three key players didn’t make the trip.

Almost home Friday, I found Will running the 3/4 mile to his sleepover. Took him the rest of the way, since I hadn’t seen him the night before. Then had to backtrack to Kroger to get A/M pizzas. C and I visited Plato’s Closet and joined Costco, then ate at the Chipotle on Windward. She was pleased. Back home, she watched her favorite…What Not to Wear.

Sat AM I cruised around, seeing what was wrong with the Civic. Oxygen sensor, but by Sunday the light had gone off. Got gas and stopped by the Walton High garage sale, as well as a smaller church yard sale (looked big from the street). Took Ceil back to Walton, but she wasn’t impressed. Later I picked up Will and got the Civic oil changed/washed at Carnetts, hit Kroger, and took M to a birthday party.

That night we went over for a small group dinner, at a friend’s house. Me and another guy (& his small 9 year-old son) beat Will and two younger teens in basketball. Late that night (& again Sunday night) I watched the Apprentice, to see how Herschel was doing (OK, nothing spectacular). Rodman should be fired, based on Trumps standards (but he keeps him around for the ratings).

After church we returned to Costco to look at some Adidas shorts for Anna’s trip. Got a pizza while we were there, to M’s delight (he had eaten 5 pieces at the Sat PM party). Took Will to the baseball field, then Home Depot for rakes. In the car we listened to the Braves game on the radio. The new announcer Jim Powell had Frank Wren on…both are well-spoken guys. Powell sounds a lot like Uecker, which I might’ve already said. Worked in the yard until dark…it looks better.

I was exhausted, but hopefully I’ll run later this afternoon. Ate too much this weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Reading a great book on Meriwether Lewis and his Expedition. Didn’t realize how perfectly qualified he was for the job, both physically, mentally, educationally, and politically. Served as President Jefferson’s right hand man up to his departure, and even lived in the White House with the widower President. Jefferson taught him much about astronomy, determining latitude & longitude, and other things Lewis would need on the journey. Lewis recruited friend Clark to be his co-commander, and they were perfectly complimentary. Must’ve been similar to the space program in the 60’s.

Just finished “Washington’s Crossing” about the Revolutionary War. Informative but dry, and on the boring side.

Next to my desk is a small conference room. They’re not quite through with construction, so a couple of ceiling tiles are out of it, that carry over outside the room, both on my side and the other side. It’s easy to overhear what’s being said in the room, even with the door closed. We just finished a conference call with our quality guy, who keeps messing up things. During the call I finally reached my limit with him and let him have it. Monique and Randy were in there, and knew my outburst was justified.

After the call we came out. My friend Sherry was sitting nearby. I smiled and asked “You didn’t hear that, did you?” She told the lady next to her that I used to yell at her like that when I was her boss (I didn’t, of course). Next to me, Brad said the guy sitting all the way across the building had come over, asking what the racket was.

Natasha Richardson was one of my favorites.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


From time to time DOB brings up the name of the unsigned reliever he likes so much. Olman? With Stockman cut, think there’s any chance they spend more to sign him? Guess they’re waiting to see how the relievers they have pan out. I suppose next spring Freeman and Heyward will be in the place Hanson is at this year…bordering between the majors and minors. Guess they’ll time it to when Casey’s contract is up.

See that Rowland’s Office post about the fight between Duane from Forest Park and the old man Claude? A reader named David objected to the stupidity of the post, and the comments were almost as good as the post itself.

Bought a coupon book from a co-worker and used a coupon here or there. Should re-coup my money, but not save hundreds. Lang’s parents went to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert and had a good time.

Finally got Will’s baseball schedule last night…every weekend from the first of May thru mid-July. The great thing is they moved the beach trip from Florida to Myrtle Beach…the week Ceil’s family is planning on being there. Don’t know if we can make it to Destin or DC this summer. Either trip would have to be in early August…that’s when Ceil is most stressed about school starting up.

My temp is finally trained and becoming an asset. Was in meetings for 4 hours today, but I got to lunch with the bigwigs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It was a weekend on the go. Friday I drove the 20 miles home, then to Sandy Springs for Will’s basketball practice. M and I ran some errands, working our way back home. Ate at Moe’s. Anna called, she and Ceil were finishing up her dress rehearsal. I figured they would stop at Willies, so we met them there and watched them eat.

Realized the Saturday recital was at 11 am, so on the way home I called my parents with the new time. My dad hadn’t been feeling well, so I offered to chauffeur them. This meant W was needed at home Sat AM, so he couldn’t attend a sleepover. He was hacked when I picked him up. Got home after 10 pm.

Got up early Sat & drove to Macon, grabbing a Chick-fil-A. Didn’t even go in the house, we immediately drove back, arriving at Eastside a perfect 45 minutes early. Anna did great, once dancing with older girls, with her in the middle. Afterwards we ate at the Varsity. Got back to Macon around four, and got on the roof and blew out the gutters. Wound up working in the backyard past dark, getting a bunch done.

On the drive back I stopped at the McDonough Arby’s (had a good coupon). A women’s college softball team from Minnesota was just leaving. Saw an interstate sign that northbound 75 was completely blocked, so I had to go around 675 & 285. Picked up Will at the Normans on the way back. Again, we got home after ten.

After church I worked Will out at the ball field. Matthew came and ran down some balls. Later at home I pitched him tennis balls, so I wound up throwing over 200 pitches for the day. I was bushed! Still managed to get out and run Monday after work.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Wren Builds a Team

On not making re-signing Smoltz and Glavine a top priority this past November: It says the Braves are more committed to building a winner than placating aging, injured arms. Last year everyone slammed the Braves for putting together an aging staff, that succumbed to extended injuries (Smoltz, Glavine, Hampton, Hudson, etc.).

Back in November and December it was quite uncertain when Smoltz, Glavine, and Hudson would be able to return in 2009, if at all. Today, still nothing is certain. Smoltz MAY be back in June. Glavine reported to camp 3 weeks late with a “cranky” left shoulder, uncertain if he’d be ready for an April 18th starting assignment. Hopefully Hudson will be back in August.

Had Wren made resigning Smoltz and Glavine his top priority, the Braves would’ve lacked money to rebuild the decimated rotation. He did make resigning Hampton an immediate priority, though he didn’t make it a huge deal in the press. Hampton was free to sign with any team, and probably figured after all the bad things that happened to him in Atlanta, he needed a fresh start somewhere else. With only a few years left in his body, Hampton did what any of us would…signing at the market rate. Given the choice to be paid several million or pitching for free (as many suggested), what would you do? And Hampton has already missed some action this spring.

Spurned by Burnett, Peavey, and Griffey, Wren still assembled two better options: Lowe and Garrett Anderson. No team can afford more than one # 1 starter (except the Yankees, Red Sox, and maybe Mets). By also obtaining the White Sox pitcher and Japanese pitcher, sophomore Jurrigans isn’t pressured to carry the team. Phenom Hanson is pressing Glavine for the 5th spot, and there are several more starters waiting in the wings. Surely you’re happy the bullpen won’t be relying on Boyer most nights.

Chipper, McCann, and Diaz are healthy. Kotchman had 2 months to acclimate himself to the NL and should be improved…as should K Johnson, Francoeur, and CF Anderson. SS Escobar will hit .300 and play spectacular defense. Pinch-hitting will be stronger, with last year’s league leader returning, along with Diaz or G Anderson, Blanco, and the other .300-hitting middle infielder. The future looks bright, with CF Jordan Schafer, RF Heyward, and 1B Freeman almost ready to step in, a great improvement over those they replace.

With Chase Utley and the Mets’ ace hurting, Jimmy Rollins pouting, and the Ryan Howard setting strikeout records, the Braves should be in the race well into September. The team looks a lot better than this time last year. Soon I’ll even know everyone’s name! Even Ceil can’t wait.

The New England Patriots achieved their long Super Bowl run by using a strategy of replacing older, expensive stars whose career is in decline with cheaper, up & coming players. Bill Belicheck learned this in Cleveland, where the Browns’ opponents were eating up the aging, immobile, weak-armed (but beloved) Bernie Kosar.

I still say Smoltz wanted to shoot for the postseason, and be where the action is…more so than the money.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Connor brings the ball up, after taking the inbounds pass from Will.

The Marvel

DJ drives, with Kevin open downcourt.

Kara and Danielle

Rocking her new black Nikes, Kara dribbles against a Crown defender. Danielle looks on.


Abby played in one game, and wound up getting photographed.

busy Tuesday

My snow day: I took yesterday afternoon off at the last minute. Last night the basketball banquet started at six at FBC Atlanta in Dunwoody off 285, meaning that’s when the food needed to be there for the pot-luck. W, A, & M got out of class at five in Woodstock, then I had to take a boy home, then get Anna dinner, then drop her off at ballet at Eastside Baptist on Lower Roswell. Avoided 285 traffic and got to FBC at 6:20, before they had kicked off the banquet.

I had forgotten Will’s team went 28-0. The Varsity Boys should be seeded no worse than 5th overall out of 80 teams in the national tourney in a few weeks. The MC used me as his main comic relief. Here’s a link to some of Will’s basketball pictures (only one of Will) http://web.mac.com/patcahillpro/ACCE_Sports/BB_2009.html

This spring training hopefully stories about Hanson and the young 1B and RF will make fans realize why Wren didn’t panic over the off-season. Still, when the Braves lose a game or three, fans will panic and demand immediate results/trades/etc…forgetting it was the FREE agent’s choice to sign with other teams for relatively the same money. Some deals should turn out better, like Griffey vs. Garrett or Andruw, and Lowe vs. Burnette. It wasn’t the case of either Burnette OR the Japanese pitcher (OR the ChiSox pitcher) - they were to fill out the rotation.

Had a chance to stumble across a 2002 Chattanooga Lookouts bobblehead with a remarkable likeness…Corky Miller. Couldn’t pass it up.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

slow weekend

Friday night I met Ceil at the Paradise Grille, a favorite sports bar of some friends of ours. In the shopping center between Publix and Home Depot. It was ok, not the greatest ever. Kids enjoyed it. That night we got into “What Not To Wear”

Worked around the house Saturday AM, then took Matthew to NP for a kids event…he had a good time. Traffic in Roswell was jammed. I hung around the area, ran some errands, and picked up three bargain shirts. Will got home around 9:30 from his week at Amelia Island, so I went and picked up him and Abby.

Sunday I stayed out of the snow, but didn’t do much. Ceil went to a friend’s kid’s baptism at JFBC, later we watched Star Wars 3 on Spike. Saw Francoeur and Derek Lowe interviewed on ESPN, and part of Hawks/Cavs. Ceil may want to watch some of the WBC.

Monday there was a homeowners association meeting I skipped to run errands and watch 24, then Tuesday the basketball banquet.