Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend On The Go

Will’s 29-0 JV team lost at least 2 in Missouri because Connor got hurt. The Girls also lost early, but still won their division (just not overall). The Varsity Boys finished 6th in the nation…not bad, considering at least three key players didn’t make the trip.

Almost home Friday, I found Will running the 3/4 mile to his sleepover. Took him the rest of the way, since I hadn’t seen him the night before. Then had to backtrack to Kroger to get A/M pizzas. C and I visited Plato’s Closet and joined Costco, then ate at the Chipotle on Windward. She was pleased. Back home, she watched her favorite…What Not to Wear.

Sat AM I cruised around, seeing what was wrong with the Civic. Oxygen sensor, but by Sunday the light had gone off. Got gas and stopped by the Walton High garage sale, as well as a smaller church yard sale (looked big from the street). Took Ceil back to Walton, but she wasn’t impressed. Later I picked up Will and got the Civic oil changed/washed at Carnetts, hit Kroger, and took M to a birthday party.

That night we went over for a small group dinner, at a friend’s house. Me and another guy (& his small 9 year-old son) beat Will and two younger teens in basketball. Late that night (& again Sunday night) I watched the Apprentice, to see how Herschel was doing (OK, nothing spectacular). Rodman should be fired, based on Trumps standards (but he keeps him around for the ratings).

After church we returned to Costco to look at some Adidas shorts for Anna’s trip. Got a pizza while we were there, to M’s delight (he had eaten 5 pieces at the Sat PM party). Took Will to the baseball field, then Home Depot for rakes. In the car we listened to the Braves game on the radio. The new announcer Jim Powell had Frank Wren on…both are well-spoken guys. Powell sounds a lot like Uecker, which I might’ve already said. Worked in the yard until dark…it looks better.

I was exhausted, but hopefully I’ll run later this afternoon. Ate too much this weekend!

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