Thursday, March 19, 2009


Reading a great book on Meriwether Lewis and his Expedition. Didn’t realize how perfectly qualified he was for the job, both physically, mentally, educationally, and politically. Served as President Jefferson’s right hand man up to his departure, and even lived in the White House with the widower President. Jefferson taught him much about astronomy, determining latitude & longitude, and other things Lewis would need on the journey. Lewis recruited friend Clark to be his co-commander, and they were perfectly complimentary. Must’ve been similar to the space program in the 60’s.

Just finished “Washington’s Crossing” about the Revolutionary War. Informative but dry, and on the boring side.

Next to my desk is a small conference room. They’re not quite through with construction, so a couple of ceiling tiles are out of it, that carry over outside the room, both on my side and the other side. It’s easy to overhear what’s being said in the room, even with the door closed. We just finished a conference call with our quality guy, who keeps messing up things. During the call I finally reached my limit with him and let him have it. Monique and Randy were in there, and knew my outburst was justified.

After the call we came out. My friend Sherry was sitting nearby. I smiled and asked “You didn’t hear that, did you?” She told the lady next to her that I used to yell at her like that when I was her boss (I didn’t, of course). Next to me, Brad said the guy sitting all the way across the building had come over, asking what the racket was.

Natasha Richardson was one of my favorites.

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