Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It was a weekend on the go. Friday I drove the 20 miles home, then to Sandy Springs for Will’s basketball practice. M and I ran some errands, working our way back home. Ate at Moe’s. Anna called, she and Ceil were finishing up her dress rehearsal. I figured they would stop at Willies, so we met them there and watched them eat.

Realized the Saturday recital was at 11 am, so on the way home I called my parents with the new time. My dad hadn’t been feeling well, so I offered to chauffeur them. This meant W was needed at home Sat AM, so he couldn’t attend a sleepover. He was hacked when I picked him up. Got home after 10 pm.

Got up early Sat & drove to Macon, grabbing a Chick-fil-A. Didn’t even go in the house, we immediately drove back, arriving at Eastside a perfect 45 minutes early. Anna did great, once dancing with older girls, with her in the middle. Afterwards we ate at the Varsity. Got back to Macon around four, and got on the roof and blew out the gutters. Wound up working in the backyard past dark, getting a bunch done.

On the drive back I stopped at the McDonough Arby’s (had a good coupon). A women’s college softball team from Minnesota was just leaving. Saw an interstate sign that northbound 75 was completely blocked, so I had to go around 675 & 285. Picked up Will at the Normans on the way back. Again, we got home after ten.

After church I worked Will out at the ball field. Matthew came and ran down some balls. Later at home I pitched him tennis balls, so I wound up throwing over 200 pitches for the day. I was bushed! Still managed to get out and run Monday after work.

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