Wednesday, March 18, 2009


From time to time DOB brings up the name of the unsigned reliever he likes so much. Olman? With Stockman cut, think there’s any chance they spend more to sign him? Guess they’re waiting to see how the relievers they have pan out. I suppose next spring Freeman and Heyward will be in the place Hanson is at this year…bordering between the majors and minors. Guess they’ll time it to when Casey’s contract is up.

See that Rowland’s Office post about the fight between Duane from Forest Park and the old man Claude? A reader named David objected to the stupidity of the post, and the comments were almost as good as the post itself.

Bought a coupon book from a co-worker and used a coupon here or there. Should re-coup my money, but not save hundreds. Lang’s parents went to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert and had a good time.

Finally got Will’s baseball schedule last night…every weekend from the first of May thru mid-July. The great thing is they moved the beach trip from Florida to Myrtle Beach…the week Ceil’s family is planning on being there. Don’t know if we can make it to Destin or DC this summer. Either trip would have to be in early August…that’s when Ceil is most stressed about school starting up.

My temp is finally trained and becoming an asset. Was in meetings for 4 hours today, but I got to lunch with the bigwigs.

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