Thursday, May 26, 2011

More on Answers in Genesis

Dr. Purdom is posting updates and pictures from the Galapagos trip, as well as a few pictures from the graduation. They climbed a volcano outside of Quito, where they played in the snow. Supposedly Haley ate guinea pig for dinner.

Georgia’s Answers In Genesis blog displays her wonderful thought process, as she grapples with seeing God in the everyday issues of life:

Tuesday the Braves beat the Pirates 2-0, behind JJ’s strong pitching. Kimbrell struck out two to notch the save. Prado’s double knocked in Shafer. Chipper just missed a HR…a fan interfered with the ball, and the umpire made Prado stop at third. With two-out, Martin would’ve scored easily.

American Idol: Everyone said Lauren edged Scotty in last night final singoff. She messed up her vocal chords, but was treated and was able to sing, after almost having to quit the competition.

Margaret went to Emily’s ball game. My college roommate loved Will’s bow tie. Elin posted her pictures from the after-party. We received a graduation invitation from Craig Calvert. Obama is in Ireland. A tornado destroyed Joplin, Missouri.

Haven’t heard much from Anna, up in Jefferson. She posted pictures of her, Jordan, and Vic. Mom and Matthew are leaving today to go up there.

Matthew was making some amazing cartoons on his PSP. He dressed up in five different outfits and posed for hilarious self-portrait photos. I know he deliberately tries to pick on everyone, but remember, he has lots of issues. Hopefully we can get him tested this summer, and pinpoint what food allergies and/or learning disabilities he has, and get them treated. On Expedition you saw so many kids eat gluten-free meals. At least two doctors have said Matthew should be eating gluten-free, but it hasn’t sunk in with mom. I’m sure this effects his behavior and schoolwork.

Today’s stats…Will also led the team in…

…Gamechanger’s “Quality At Bat” statistic

…highest ”Hard Hit Ball” percentage

…batting average with runners in scoring position

…stolen bases per plate appearance.

Though 5th on the team in at-bats and plate appearances, Will was were 2nd on the team in most quality at-bats, hard hit balls, & stolen bases.

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