Monday, January 31, 2011


Now I’m reading the Clemente autobiography. Didn’t know the Braves originally had the inside track to sign him. As a teen he wanted to play in New York, near the large Puerto Rican community. The Dodgers signed him…to keep him away from the Giants. Roberto once played on a winter league team with Willie Mays and Orlando Cepeda, with Don Zimmer playing shortstop.

I finished a book called “How to Read People.” Turned out to be real good, because it helped me figure out stuff about me.

Will graduates May 21, 2011. He’s starting to realize he has a lot of decisions to make. He came home Friday with a sprained ankle…looked bad. He could barely get around. He said it felt better Sat morning so he went to baseball practice, although he didn’t do all the drills. Will had had the car for two straight days.

There’s a good chance he’s going to work this summer at Camp Highland, in north Georgia. This will dramatically change the family summer dynamic, even if he comes home on the weekends. Instead of nonstop baseball, we’ll have time to work on projects and go swimming. Maybe even more Braves games.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs as usual. As usual when that happens, Ceil brought me breakfast. I stayed upstairs for so long that later she brought me lunch as well.

Later we met Mary Hurt and the girls at Zaxbys. We all went to see Mary-Clayton’s play…quite a production. She had probably the most demanding role, in terms of acting, singing and dancing. Afterward all her co-stars wanted to meet Will. Finished the night at Chilis. The long day wore me out, so I wore running shoes to church.

Sunday I got the Civic oil changed, at the carwash. Later I saw some Amour-All in the laundry room, so I shined the dashboard and tires. Forgot it would rain today. Watch parts of all four rounds of the PGA golf tourney. Exciting finish. With football over, I’m watching more golf than basketball.

JFBC has spring basketball. I asked M if he wanted to play, and he said no. C might enroll she and him in computer classes at the Apple Store. Anna thinks she might want to play softball. She says she and her friends are going to teach kindergarten next fall in UpStreet. I need to get her some running shoes.

Messing around, I googled Andy. An article came up blasting his leadership style, saying churches should not be run like corporations. It quoted a preacher who tuned out his deacon board when they started sentences with “In the real world we…” Didn’t seem like the writer understood that Andy was saying he didn’t consider himself a great leader.

The SI scorecard piece on StubHub was educational. I thought tickets would only be over the normal value.

Hewitt update: Saw Bradley’s article, and also the Sunday feature article. I agree completely. Even if they have a good few months, he is way overpaid, based on his results. What other coach in the US would not be fired? Only a coach with a contract similar to Hewitt’s.

Sunday at NP Clay Scoggins sat down on my row. Then someone sat down between us, so we didn’t speak.

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