Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol Returns

The family was excited about American Idol coming on. Looked worse than ever to me, but these first selection shows are always the worst part. Once they cut it down, it should get better. Steven Tyler may be an interesting judge, but Jennifer Lopez looks to be a pushover like Paula.

Think GT can win many more ACC games? They have the talent. GT beat NC by 20. NC beat Clemson. But Clemson blew out GT. Interesting to see all the NC fans at the game. The TV camera panned the coliseum to show all the blue shirts Friday night.

Really messed up my rear end and high leg muscles Saturday when I exercised…I’m still real sore. I hadn’t thought I worked out that hard. At night I’ve been going home and wrapping up in the electric blanket. Last night I got home and laid down on the bed until supper. After we ate I fell asleep.

Busied myself making a list of actors and actresses I like. I’ve already thought of more, so I’ll probably update the list periodically.

Will got some of his baseball uniform…ugly as ever. My bad for not volunteering to help pick things out.

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