Friday, January 07, 2011


As usual, I’m really just warming up to basketball. Watched some Lakers/Suns and Kings/Nuggets. Interesting that the Nuggets were wearing light blue, which used to be the color of the Kings. Been following the Heat, Hawks, Celtics, and Timberwolves (for Kevin Love). Will is in a NBA fantasy league, so be sure to pass along any tips. I had suggested Love and John Wall.

Worked “late” again Thursday, then again battled traffic. Credit card machine wasn’t working at two BPs, so I had to go to QT. By then it was so late I decided to go to the library. Since the Merchants Walk library moved, there’s not one convenient to our house, since we live on the county line. Got the Drew Brees book.

I’m feeling even worse, so after dinner I fell asleep. Wasn’t excited about the Bowl. Later I watched an interesting CNBC show about Facebook. All the kids were in playing on the Wii. Almost didn’t go to work Friday.

When Will was 12, we left Cooperstown early Saturday, stopped at Staten Island and rode the ferry, then drove straight to RFK. Met Myron and his son for the game, then spent the night in Fredericksburg before driving home the next day. The time Will and I went to DC with Lee and Martha, the six of us went to Camden Yards. Myron commutes to Quantico, but he travels a lot. As an FBI agent, he can drive in the HOV lane.

A kid from Will’s Cooperstown team is playing with Will this spring. Nice to have a third senior. He was the type who didn’t wow you when you looked at him, but made all the plays and got clutch hits. Much better than the opposite.

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