Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Let's Get Technical

I’ve had plenty of work to do, and hadn’t broken away to write. Not much else going on. Sunday I bought a larger TV than we’d had. On the way home Monday I bought some converter gizmos so it would work.

Then Monday night I was home alone…C and M went to see Harry Potter, Anna was at a sleepover, and Will still at the Passion Conference. I lugged in the big TV by myself, almost straining some muscles. Got it all hooked up and working, then set up the old TV in the living room armoire, hooked up to the Wii.

After that I wondered if I was getting sick. My throat had been sore, and my voice has been scratchy all week. Achy and sore all over. So that’s been my excuse for not exercising, though I have been eating right all week. We had the Biggest Loser weigh-in Monday. Doubt I’ll win, but we’ll see. The coordinator has been getting people to share their strategies, so we all may learn more about each other through this.

Good the Braves tied up Uggla. There’s a dark side to everything (his fielding), but we need the bat. Plus, for the consistent numbers he’s put up, he came relatively cheap.

Just got Will’s spring baseball schedule. He’s going to be busy straight through May. Spoke to his science teacher, and I’ll be “helping” write/edit the April Expedition skit again. The ideas sounded good. To prepare, I need to watch three movies.

Watched chunks of both the Orange and Sugar Bowls.

Title refers to my success hooking up the TV’s, not some lame GT slogan.

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