Friday, October 13, 2017

Reserved Parking Spaces

Clemson/Syracuse: what a poorly played first half. Missed tackles. Missed field goals. Roughing the passer. Missed assignments. Defensive pass interference. Offensive pass interference. Offsides. Center moves the ball, and the defense is called for encroachment. Unsportsmanlike conduct – twice. You’d think football players would pay attention to what’s happening during the game, yet they make the same mistakes over and over. Playing out of control. Holding.

QB Kelly Bryant was playing hurt. He couldn’t run and the injury affected his passing as well. His immobility caused him to get hit more, and got him knocked out of the game. The last thing Clemson needed is for him to get hurt worse. Syracuse is an improved football team this year, and Dabo didn’t take them lightly. But even down 7-0. 14-7, 17-14, and 24-17, either of Clemson’s backups are more than able to get the win.

So many things went right for Syracuse in the first quarter. The quick snaps kept Clemson off guard. Eric Dungy played great but is a bit of a jerk. Ishmael celebrated while his touchdown was being called back for his push off. Syracuse gets called for excess celebration, then Clemson gets called for the same thing. It’s like the players didn’t know what the rules are. Maybe they don’t care.

So many things went wrong for Clemson in the first quarter. Offense. Defense. Special teams. Perhaps a little worse than several other close games this season. Those thinking them the best team in the nation haven’t been paying close attention. Bama isn’t the only imperfect unbeaten team.
Seems like it ought to be unnecessary roughness when a defender makes a tackle, then gets up celebrating - while inadvertently stomping all over the player he just tackled.
The Catalyst Conference was for ministers and leaders, so Stanley geared his talks to that. At one point he talked about how entitlements should be avoided if possible – special gifts, etc. I wondered what he would say. Andy said to cut them off at the beginning. He said one of the first entitlements was the reserved parking space. If anyone deserved a reserved parking space, it is the children’s minister, he said. No the most profound thing, but true.

Later he said that being a good leader meant being a servant – at work and at home as well. He talked about unloaded the dishwasher when it is clean. Then he said “For you wives – I’ve been doing this long enough to know, that I’m not going to go there.” That was the end of his talk. 
Tebow did a good job as well. You’d think they’d schedule him at the end of the day, to build up to him. Instead he was in the middle of the first day. But most all the speakers were excellent. I hadn’t heard of many of them. Ceil had heard of two that I hadn’t. Have you heard of Hillsong United, an Australian group that sings worship songs? They were there.
With the theme on courage, the hosts discussed things that took lots of courage. One of them mentioned standup comedy, and they tried telling jokes for a few minutes. Then Jeff Foxworthy took the stage unannounced, and did a comedy routine on some courageous that he’d done – his colonoscopy.
Fred O’s daughter was one of the singers at the conference. David Watterson was at the conference, as well as Braves announcer/former pitcher Paul Byrd. The conference ended Friday afternoon at 4:45. We drove downtown to look for a present for M, then stopped by Whole Foods on the way home. The concession stands were open and there were several food trucks and a Chickfila tent outside. But with 7500 people the lines were long. We had the time, so we drove off campus to eat.
Thursday lunch: Chickfila.
Thursday dinner: Moe’s.
Friday lunch: Publix sub sandwich.
Friday dinner: leftovers at home.
Sat breakfast: Bojangles biscuit (M)
Sat lunch: White Tiger BBQ
Sat dinner: M cooked Mexican
Sun lunch: Moe’s.
Saturday morning we drove to Athens. W&MC drove over from Augusta to celebrate M’s birthday. Hit the Athens Farmers Market and walked around downtown. White Tiger BBQ in Athens, where we ate lunch Saturday – evidently Danny & Connie Morris have eaten there as well. Back at Anna’s house for birthday cheesecake. Back home I watched Miami/FSU and Bama/Texas A&M. Tough game, but not sure why they dropped to number two. Also took a nap.
Taqueria was mentioned for lunch on Saturday but we’ve been there so much. It is great but there are so many other good places in Athens we have yet to try. Friday evening we arrived at the Westside at 5:50 pm. There wasn’t a line at Taqueria when we went into the eyeglass store, but there was when we came out.
It has been taking less and less to fill me up as well. Saturday night I wasn’t too hungry so I just had a taste since M had cooked it.
Didn’t do much Sunday after church. The Moes burrito is so big, but it’s the best thing on the menu. Nachos aren’t the healthiest. Tacos are so small. Quesadillas can be messy. Bowls and salads are ok. But for a change I got a junior veggie burrito. Not much smaller. No chicken, but it still had beans, rice, onions, peppers, pico, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream.   
After lunch Sunday Will drove from Augusta to Cartersville. Monday he started his three week surgical training.
Charles Norman proposed to his longtime girlfriend Annie Blass this weekend. Both have been working as youth ministers. Charles met Annie years ago at East Cobb Presbyterian Church. So every other Norman child is married/engaged: Spencer the oldest, David the middle, and Charles the youngest. That leaves teacher Katherine, photographer/artist Willis, and musician/barista Joel as the single Normans. David and Beth had been living in the house with Becky, but I think they’re moving out on their own. Their wedding had been really sweet. This makes four upcoming weddings: Charles & Annie, MC’s sister Anna & Zach next June, my nephew Zane & Laura, and friend’s son Josh & his fiancĂ© on December 30.
Monday: C had a long day. She cooked a new chicken and tomato dish. Also salad. As usual I passed on the mashed potatoes. I’m having a hard time tracking down what channel the baseball games are on. Finally found the Dodger DBack game. Watched Last Man Standing, The Voice, and The Good Doctor as well, while working on my laptop. Wrote another 500 word rant on the protests, gun control, etc.
Slow Tuesday evening. Worked past six. Supper was beans and rice, plus salad. Some leftover chicken and tomatoes. Watched The Middle, Fresh Off the Boat, Blackish, and The Mayor. Then an old Johnny Carson Show. When to bed at 10:20. M went grocery shopping. Any time he can eat something other than fast food that’s good.
Wednesday lunch at the Atlanta Athletic Club was super nice. Two team members couldn’t attend, but there were nine of us. Saw Bobby Jones’ trophies from his grand slam. Three of us had the Johns Creek grilled chicken salad. Two guys got the patty melt and two others ordered fish and chips. Little Angie got the wings.    
Got some super-hot orders because my steel from the mill are late getting in. Running two plays to see which will work fastest – one through Atlanta and one through Charleston. Road blocks figurative and literal along the way. Trucks are scarce due to the hurricanes, and problems with tracks rerouted and delayed other shipments for two weeks. Late Wednesday I realized I needed to put everything in place before I went home so everyone else could hit the ground running first thing Thursday, so I worked until seven. Pulled a trick – receiving in the hot truck ahead of time so scheduling could start their part. Was worried the truck wouldn’t come in on time and had to chase that. Was after lunch before everything calmed down. Now I’m trying to resolve an $80,000.00 problem.
Wednesday night Ceil cooked chili. Matthew ate with us. Watched Designated Survivor.
Thursday night we had baked chicken and a different salad with almonds and cranberries. Better than usual. Kept tabs on the Cubs/Nats and watched Last Man Standing.
GT/Miami is the 3:30 game. Whoever wins will be in the driver’s seat in the Coastal Division. Both still have to play Virginia Tech. The Jackets first road trip of the season. Tech has often struggled down in Miami.
A few months ago I found a pair of waterproof high performance khakis that I love. Comfortable stretch fabric. Last week I found the same pair in grey, which are also great. Decided I needed a black pair, so I tracked down some on the internet.
I had never heard of shepherd’s pie until after I was married. Went 27 years without it. C fixes it once a year.
One summer in Macon I was home from Tech. I’d had a couple of dates with a girl. On Saturday we hadn’t made plans, then a thunderstorm knocked out the phones. I drove over to her house and asked her out. We were headed to south Macon to go to a movie. I got off the highway and was driving up a hill, and I ran out of gas. Not the best evening ever, but she said she had a good time.
Jimmy Kimmel repeatedly launches verbal assaults on the President of the United States, but refuses to tell jokes about the latest Hollywood sex scandal. His is not the only late night talk show taking a hit in the ratings.

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