Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Week 7 Total QB Rating

Quarterbacks are expected to be the team’s savior. They get most of the publicity, and most of the blame when things go wrong. What I hate is listening to announcers on TV building up quarterbacks before the game that I know have poor ratings, on teams having disappointing seasons. If the player was so great, why does the team continue to lose? I know the announcers have to stir interest so viewers won’t change the channel. 
But let’s give credit where credit is due. Most of the top teams have highly rated QB’s. Most of the poor teams have low rated QB’s. Doesn’t matter if the QB is a “multi-purpose” QB or a traditional dropback passer. Strong arm or not. Either way, if they can’t hit a receiver in the hands, what good are they? “Multi-purpose” QB’s are more likely to get hurt. As I’ve often pointed out, “multi-purpose” just means they’re a good runner. More often than not, a multi-purpose QB isn’t Johnny Unitas when it comes to passing. In college the great Deshaun Watson often threw interceptions or threw passes too high. The secret to coaching any QB is to play to his strengths, and as much as possible keeping him out of situations he fares well in. Texans head coach Bill O’Brien, who was Tom Brady’s QB coach in New England, may be the best thing that’s ever happened to Watson.
This week Georgia’s Jake Fromm vaulted up to 13th nationally in ESPN’s Total QB Rating. Jake doesn’t have an arm as strong as teammate Jacob Eason, but he can make most all the throws required of a QB. Fromm doesn’t have the running ability of Clemson’s Kelly Bryant, but Fromm sees the field exceptionally well – so he better knows when a receiver will be open or that a running lane is clear. As good as Bryant is, to me Fromm is the type I want running my team. Eason is like a baseball pitcher who can throw 100 MPH – but has no control. The speedballer who only has one pitch.
Like the NFL, colleges are enamored with athletic ability more than football IQ. They give the keys to talented players who may have the reaction time to avoid wrecks, but not the experience to maneuver the team past unseen obstacles like blitzes and disguised coverages.  Many consider the term “game manager” to be the worst title a QB can have, but if the rest of your team is good, that’s exactly the type QB you need. Watkins and Alabama’s Jalen Hurts may be considered the first of a new wave of multi-purpose game managers.
1. 91.0 Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma
2. 90.6 Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State
3. 84.7 JT Barrett, Ohio State (above): on the rise
6. 82.1 Will Grier, West Virginia: Florida transfer
7. 81.9 Lamar Jackson, Louisville: no Heisman talk
8. 81.7 Ryan Finley, NC State: in the Atlantic Division’s driver’s seat
9. 81.6 Jalen Hurts, Alabama
11. 79.0 Kenny Hill, TCU
12. 75.7 Danny Etling, LSU: on the rise
13. 75.6 Jake Fromm, Georgia: on the rise
15. 74.8 Kelly Bryant, Clemson: hurt
16. 74.4 Nick Fitzgerald, Miss State
17. 73.4 Jake Browning, Washington
18. 73.4 John Wolford, Wake Forest
23. 71.8 Malik Rosier, Miami: on the rise
25. 70.8 Kyle Shurmur, Vandy
27. 69.5 Brandon Wimbush, Notre Dame: tough games ahead
28. 69.5 Josh Jackson, Virginia Tech
30. 68.4 Sam Darnold, Southern Cal: wunderkind?
32. 68.2 Taquon Marshall GT doesn’t get pub like #30 Darnold & #33 Rosen
33. 67.8 Josh Rosen, UCLA
34. 67.4 Eric Dungey, Syracuse: beat Clemson
36. 67.1 Conner Manning, Georgia State
38. 66.9 Jarrett Stidham, Auburn
40. 66.6 Stephen Johnson, Kentucky continues to drop
42. 66.5 Shea Patterson, Ole Miss
48. 63.9 Trace McSorley, Penn State: tough games ahead
54. 61.2 Kellen Mond, Texas A&M
58. 59.9 Drew Lock, Missouri
60. 59.8 Kurt Benkert, Virginia
62. 59.7 Sam Ehlinger, Texas
64. 58.9 Austin Allen, Arkansas
66. 58.8 Feleipe Franks, Florida
68. 57.7 Jake Bentley, South Carolina
71. 57.0 James Blackman, FSU
74. 55.9 Chazz Surratt, North Carolina
80. 51.7 Quinten Dormady, Tenn: lost his job
89. 48.9 Max Browne, Pitt: now we know why he transferred from USC
96. 47.0 Anthony Brown, Boston College
100. 43.7 Daniel Jones, Duke
106. 40.7 Shane Buechele, Texas
108. 40.1 Zach Smith, Baylor

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