Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Life on the Road

In the early 2000’s we were putting several “northern” offices on our “southern” computer system: Charlotte, Chattanooga, Tulsa, Dallas, Houston, and Orlando. Back in the 90’s I traveled to Greensboro and Little Rock. Fly out Sunday, work four long days, and come back late Friday. We’d work until six or seven. After that I was too tired to want to spend another hour plus in a restaurant, so I’d usually grab something quick and maybe eat in my hotel room – where I could read and clip pictures from two newspapers: local and USA Today.  
In Little Rock the office and hotel were out on the edge of town, so there were few places to eat nearby. The Holiday Inn had a great breakfast buffet. At the end of every day I would leave the plant, drive across the way to Subway and get the same chicken sub, BBQ chips, and Coke.
Since I’d spent a month in Charlotte and would be spending two more months on the road in Tulsa and Dallas, I decided to drive back and forth to Chattanooga every day. The kids were all young then. I’d leave home extra early to arrive by 8 am, then usually leave at 4:30 pm so I could get home at a decent hour. Seems like I had a regular breakfast spot – the Chickfila in Dalton or a Hardees just north of there. On the way home I’d stop at a Baskin Robbins.   
In Greensboro I traveled with an older lady who’d pick the nice restaurant we’d eat at every night. She’d make me order dessert, which I didn’t mind. In Tulsa I didn’t go out much, but in Dallas we went to several nice restaurants. Also the School Book Depository, Six Flags Over Texas, and several Texas Rangers games.
For Charlotte and Orlando I drove instead of flying. In Orlando twice after work I drove over to St. Pete for Rays games. In Houston I got to see the Astros.  
I rarely order meatloaf in restaurants. We were eating someplace recently where I saw it on the menu, but I didn’t order it. I like it better shepherd’s pie!
There’s an all new NBA on TNT set for Ernie, Kenny, Shaq, Charles. Lots of white. Doesn’t look good, I hear. Speaking of Barkley, the Hurts saw him at a recent Auburn game. Speaking of the Hurts, Haley appears to have survived the fires in Northern California. Coworker Angie’s boyfriend lost a relative in the fires.  
Friday night W&MC went to an engagement party for Charles Norman and his fiancé Annie. Mostly the young crowd. Only oldsters were Becky and Annie’s parents. Annie has been teaching special ed in Atlanta. Charles is finishing up at Kennesaw.
I had been planning on leaving work earlier Friday afternoon, but stuff kept me there until six. Ceil added toppings to a frozen pizza. Watched the Clemson game and worked on my laptop.
Cleaned upstairs Saturday morning. Watched football all day while packing away summer clothes and getting out winter clothes. Also did laundry.
Walking into church Sunday morning we met up with Will, who attended our new Sunday School class. The class broke up into men and women. Lesson was on husbands loving their wives as Christ loved the church, and wives submitting to husbands. Good sermon as well.
Will ate lunch with us at Willys and we all visited M at Whole Foods. I watched the Falcons and sorted more clothes. Ceil went to a baby shower.
I watched the Yankee game. Shows you that players can improve after years of struggling – Astros starter Charlie Morton had long ago been given up on by the Braves. The announcers were saying how it was a surprise the Astros signed him to a big contract, but he came through.
Left work at six Monday. Stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond for a shower curtain liner. Ceil cooked grilled chicken in a new tomato sauce. Also salad. In addition to the game we had on The Voice and The Good Doctor. The bad thing about that show is that since it comes on at 10 pm, the producers feel the need to add sex and liberal plot lines. Last night one patient “needed” an abortion and another was a porn actress. Also bullying. Sure it is real life but is the answer to put it on TV? Guess I don’t have to watch.
Fifteen years ago was Wednesday Oct 16 2002. Ceil cooked baked chicken. I wore a grey striped shirt, black cotton pants from Banana Republic, and black shoes from J Crew – loafers I think. Ceil got a haircut and met with the home school office at Perimeter Presbyterian. The World Series would begin that next Saturday.
For years Tech has been trying the old draw them offsides thing, shifting backs around. I’ve only seen that work once or twice.

Anna was back wanting to work in NYC next summer as a fashion/graphic arts intern. If so she’d better line something up quick. Her boyfriend came up with all the Bible Study materials for their Camp Highland last summer. He’s working in a dean’s office and serving in a ministry. Anna does the graphics for Grace Athens church.  
My boss’ daughter just moved to Dallas. Her husband got a job with the Dallas Mavericks, but it’s just ticket sales. He had worked for the Falcons and Atlanta United, but it was just a one year contract.

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