Sunday, October 22, 2017

Braves Play Day

Met Will at SunTrust Park this morning for the season ticketholder Play Day. When gates opened we made a beeline for the vistors' bullpen. We both warmed up and then threw off the mound to catchers in full gear. Later I stood in the batters box while Will threw. Later Will hit on the field.
Then we walked out onto the field, then up into the stands and around to the Braves dugout. From there we walked down the tunnel to the underground batting cages. I actually hit a few line drives before snapping some pictures and video of Will.
Next to the cages: the Braves Silver Slugger Awards.
After hitting we chatted up a Braves employee in the Braves dugout. While we were pitching and hitting many of the attendees formed the Braves A out in outfield for a group picture. After visiting the Clubhouse Store we walked downstairs to the Below the Chop, with a field level view of rightfield. 
After a BBQ lunch we took two tours: first upstairs to the Xfinity Rooftop and pressbox. This was my first visit to both. The Xfinity Rooftop features a Waffle House and Airstream trailer, which had to be airlifted in.
Next was the pressbox, which featured photos of Skip Caray, Ernie Johnson, and Pete Van Weiren.
Emmy Awards and other memorabilia.
View from the pressbox.
Taped to the table.
More Pete, Ernie, and Skip.
Elevator Lobby
 More of the lobby.
Our next tour took us downstairs to see the Braves Clubhouse.
On the way I spotted some Cushmans, made in Augusta with our metal.
 Door to the clubhouse.
The Braves clubhouse. Larger than the visitors clubhouse,
which is the largest in baseball.
The tour took us back to the Below the Chop,
which features an Aaron and Murphy locker.
 The Murphy locker: those Nikes are way too small for Dale.
Finally we made it out on the field. The outfield grass was smoother than the fairway of a golf course.
Former Braves infielder Nick Green taught kids about infield play.
Other seminars featured former Braves
Marvin Freeman, Jeff Treadway, and Chris Hammond.
 Took me awhile to get this photo.
Will and I played catch in the outfield. It was great to throw the ball again. Season ticketholders could reserve six swings from home plate. Most didn't hit it that far. Finally a fly ball was hit into a spot in centerfield where no one was standing. Will took off and dove for the ball - creating quite a divot.
 The Freeze made an appearance.

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