Saturday, September 30, 2017

Run Like MADD 5K

This morning I volunteered for the Mercedes Benz Stadium 5K Walk Like Madd 5K Road Race, sponsored by the Falcons, United, and Atlanta Track Club. This meant arriving downtown on Peters Street SW at 6:15 am to pour thousands of water cups.
A group of kids from Decatur High School helped out. They didn't all know each other well, but it was heartwarming to see them all band together to work and have a good time. Even after the race they all pitched in to help clean up all the cups spread out over a city block.
While passing out water I kept an eye out for my coworker Jane, and luckily she spotted me. Deborah Light Painter also saw me, and stopped long enough to say hello. Also saw Falcons owner Arthur Blank shuffling along, not bad for a 75 year old. He smiled and waved when I shouted "Coach Blank!" Falcons President Rich McKay also passed by, at a much faster pace than Blank.
After the race I drove over to the stadium.
The last 50 yards of the race took place out on the field,
and many of the over 7000 runners were still there.
At the lower left the runners crowd up to exit up the aisle. 
The boxes were still stocked with beverages.
The view from a luxury box.
View from the Falcon logo at midfield.
I snuck off with some pieces of the field - the tiny chunks of ground up rubber laid out on the Field Turf for extra cushioning.
Hope I don't cause any knee injuries.
Arthur Blank's 49 year old wife Angela was the honorary chairman of the race, which benefitted Mothers Against Drunk Driving. There were many testimonials for students, adults, and police killed by drunk drivers.
Angela introduced a video by the Falcons long snapper,
who lost his friend Philip Lutzenkirchen,
the Lassiter High School and Auburn tight end who died driving drunk.
 Down in the east end zone, the O and N from the FALCONS.
 Looking up from the goalpost.
 Coke bottles on the mezzanine.
 The sound of jackhammers could be hear next door at the Georgia Dome.
If you look close you can see men on the roof,
in the spot where I saw the construction crane last month. 
 The Atlanta United Mercedes SUV looked better than the Falcons SUV. 
 Nice car. Ugly paint job.

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