Friday, September 15, 2017

Wither Deshaun

Deshaun Watson looked shaky in week one, showing poor mechanics he didn’t have in college. Throwing wobblers off the back foot, missing receivers like he did in college. Even his TD pass looked odd. Last night his spectacular TD run was the only offense the Texans could muster. I like Houston coach Bill O’Brien, but it doesn’t look like his offense is potent enough to contend. Not sure Watson is the answer, though he’s probably as good as any other QB on the roster. O’Brien is smart enough to tailor the offense to Watson’s abilities. Deshaun took a shot that flipped him. 
Both the Texans and Bengals color rush unis were ok. Might’ve been my TV, but I couldn’t figure out if the Texans had red trim or were wearing pink numbers for breast cancer awareness.

I read Jeff Schultz’s column on Snitker. Typical Schultz. Just trying to get a reaction from the readers. He says he thought Snit should be brought back, then listed some shaky reasons that really don’t cast doubt. One game he brought in Johnson because the other relievers had already pitched two straight days. The losing record after reaching .500, but not mentioning how vets were traded and rookies were called up to play. Schultz didn’t convince or fool me.
Snit will be back. Not sure who they could get that’s better. The players love him, and they traded Phillips and Garcia, and half the team is rookies.
Schultz may be right about the pitching. As you remember, the pitching strategy for 2017 was to sign stopgap innings eaters so the rookies could grow in the minors and not get beat up in the bigs before they were ready – in other words the pitching plan was to be bad. That’s why Garcia was traded. Colon was bad. Teheran had a terrible start. Jim Johnson was terrible, and the other closer got hurt.
Since the all-star break four rookie starters were called up for on the job training. As you remember, it took a year or two for Glavine and Smoltz to mold into all-star pitchers. They weren’t called up and immediately started winning 20 games a year. Same with these rookies.
Not sure I know the names of three of the Braves relievers. I did see that Minter pitched well. I have no idea about the bullpen. Some are terrible. Seems like they’re just going to finish the season with the guys they got. An upgrade is certainly needed.  
Before the season started the expectation was that everything had to go right to even think about winning half their games. Changing course and trading vets to play rookies should have lowered everyone’s expectations, but I guess fans think the Braves should win the World Series even in rebuilding years.
Tuesday: left work at 5 pm for a change. Drove home using the WAZE app on my phone, to avoid traffic and downed trees. Routed me a weird way through Roswell but thought nothing of it. I’d gone that way before. Picked up Ceil and headed downtown to IKEA so she could return an item. WAZE routed us to Windy Hill Road to avoid 75 south as much as possible. When we finally got on the highway it wasn’t too bad.
We ate at Nuevo Laredo Cantina. Ceil got her chalupa and I got chicken enchiladas. Very good. Back home Ceil had made banana pudding. M was watching the Food Network’s chef competition, so we watched with him. Later I watched Braves highlights.  
Tuesday W&MC’s dog Okie had to have surgery after eating something he shouldn’t have. Had to spend the night in the pet hospital. During the storm W has been working in the emergency room.    
Wednesday morning I took my regular route to work – which was blocked on Azalea near the Chattahoochee River bridge on Roswell Road. Had to turn around but still made decent time to work.
Saw one small tree down in our neighborhood, but there was very little debris on our driveway. There is a leak in our roof that has messed up the ceiling in our master closet, so I gotta make an insurance claim. After 30 hours my parents finally got their power back, but I’m not sure the cable is working on their TV. With all the devastation and displacement in Florida and the Georgia coast, so many people can’t be inconvenienced with a day without power without complaining.
After several nights on the go it was looking forward to an uneventful evening. Left work at six. Hairdresser wasn’t working  and I didn’t feel like stopping anywhere else. Ceil cooked chicken soup. Not much on TV so I played on my laptop.
Thursday morning I overslept 30 minutes, but made decent time on the way to work. Took me two hours to get home Thursday night…
1. Didn’t log out until after six.
2. Went upstairs to use the restroom. Noticed the VP’s office light on.
3. My laptop took extra time shutting down due to a download.
4. I stuffed several papers in my shirt pocket to take home. When I did this I thought to myself how every time I do this I run into the VP on the way out. Sure enough that happened.
5. There was a wreck on Medlock Bridge that slowed traffic.
6. Stopped at the bank and made a deposit. Later I realized I’d meant to deposit those checks into a different bank.
7. Stopped by Moes, but it was too crowded. So was the parking lot. Almost walked in front of a car that I didn’t see due to the setting sun.
8. Went around a slow Prius to get in the left turn lane. I was in its blind spot, and it cut across two lanes to turn left as well.    
9. Electrical crews slowed traffic on Riverside Drive.
10. Called Ceil. She was cooking supper so I didn’t go to a second Moes.
11. Got home and C wasn’t there. Decided to try another Moes. It was more crowded than the first, so I went home.
Soapbox: many people are in their own world on social media, seemingly posting every thought without consideration to Paul’s admonition to be at peace with all men. Their rights trump Jesus’ instructions for putting others first. Others post platitudes copied from their devotional booklets, then quickly forget them when interacting with others. It’s one thing to share glimpses of special moments of your day, but some are so enamored with themselves that they post every twist and turn the daily road of life takes them: "I’m doing this. Unless so and so happens. Then I will do that. Oh, look at this. Because of this I was able to do that. OK, I’m finished with that. And on and on." (my posts are probably like that, huh?).

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