Friday, September 22, 2017

Bobby Cox Statue Night

Left work early to attend my final Braves game of the year.
Met LJ, then Kevin and Bobby to trade bobbles.
I nabbed a Martin Prado and the UGA Miller twins.
Brick of the week: my old Cubs Fantasy Camp buddy. RIP Geno.
Oliver with the Braves.
Before the game the Freeze's wife was hugging on some other guy.
I love going to the game and looking at people, sneakers, and fan apparel.
Saw a Kruk jersey and a Phillies t-shirt that just had the third, fourth, and fifth letters of the team name in the familiar script: ILL.
Below: a bunch of Bobby boxes all stacked up. Kevin was buying Bobbys for five bucks when an aggressive cop made him stop. Saw another guy ask three ladies for theirs. After they handed them over I asked one of them how much he paid. "Nothing, we gave them to him." Later Bobby said that guy was always asking for free tickets.
Tonight's prize: the Bobby Cox statue.
Perhaps next year they'll give out the Neikro and Spahn statues.
A stack of Bobbys.
Got one going in, and Kevin and Miss Martha both gave me one.
Sold all three before getting back to my car, to Mobile, Queens, & Hull GA.
 Watched the first few innings from the 400 level.
Obligatory bullpen shots. First the Phils.
The Braves: I caught three high fives.
Pano. Cute kids in front of us.
The tweens behind us squealed at every Dansby mention.
Good view of the TV's for the seats behind the plate.
Later we moved to the 300 level on the third base side.
Stayed long enough to see the always entertaining Home Depot Tool Race.
I wonder if the pink visitor's bullpen was a psychological ploy.
The Freeze wasn't taking any chances tonight, cruising to an easy win. Looking forward to Sunday's match race:
The Freeze vs. former Brave Paul Byrd.
Fun evening. Also saw Johnny and old Hugh, Johnny's grandson, coworker Ginger, the Coach, Bobby's mom, Crazy Darryl, Norman, Michael, James, and others. Missed on the Chief and my old usher friend.

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