Friday, September 08, 2017

Jacob and Cal

Went to Pappasitos last night for chicken fajitas – the best in town. Great service as well. Plenty of leftovers. Came home and watched the Braves walk off win, as well as one of my favorite movies: Crazy Stupid Love.
In Crazy Stupid Love, young cool guy Jacob (Ryan Gosling) takes middle-aged Cal (Steve Carell) under his wing, improving the way he dresses and converses with women. Jacob is always immaculately dressed, and he takes Cal shopping and gets him a haircut. Like many men, over the years Cal had slowly begun to dress more casually and less trendy.
Watching the movie several times, I realized that like Cal I had lost my edge. I may always wear snappy shoes, but due to several factors (weight gain, limited budget, not caring) I have not been dressing and looking my best lately. Unlike the movies, it’s hard to change my entire wardrobe overnight. But it’s something I’m working on.
At work this week I was talking to a fellow employee. He is about my age with an engaging, outgoing, upbeat personality. The guy has done a great job coordinating the remodel of our lobby, breakrooms, and restrooms. He is a slim, snappy dresser. In truth he is Jacob to my Cal.

As we were talking I noticed his brown Cole Hahn loafers, the ones with the black Nike soles. These $200.00 shoes were all the craze the past few autumns. When I told him that I owned a pair just like his, he blanched. “Well, uh, I bet every male in America has a pair of these.” I tried to make a comment of how only “us” fashionably-minded individuals owned this particular style, but he continued to deflect, saying he would probably be getting rid of his. Ouch!
Today is casual Friday, but I made a little bit of an effort to not look entirely sloppy. I passed on sneakers and wore black pants and shoes. My light blue LL Bean fishing shirt is too big I know, though two other big guys complimented me on it this morning – including the regional GM.      
FYI: there is much more to Crazy Stupid Love than just the dressing aspect.,_Stupid,_Love
Wednesday night I happened to see that another of my favorite movies was just coming on: Sleepless in Seattle. Watched it all the way through from beginning to end, a rare thing. I rarely see the beginning of that movie.

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