Friday, May 01, 2009

Summer Movies

I really haven’t seen what all the summer movies are. Angels & Demons should be good. I’d like to read more about Star Trek. Do Shatner and Nimoy have cameos? It’s about the young Enterprise crew, right?

A friend says a former Notre Dame tennis coach looked at his son (age 13) and said if he committed himself, he could be a top 20 tennis player in the southeast.

Pitched BP to Will both Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday I had a hard time throwing strikes. May go again tonight. The fields have been full, so he hasn’t gotten to pitch off a mound or take grounders. Yesterday he golfed with basketball teammates David Norman & Josiah, and Josiah’s cousin David, the hard-charging, David Pollack-type former baseball teammate. Will said he shot a 92, which would be his best ever.

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