Saturday, October 22, 2016

Get Out of the Way of Type A

Things every type-A person wants you to know, another list by Dr. Travis Bradberry for LinkedIn.
ME: after reading the list, I’m still thankful I’m not a type-A person. Is Bradberry just listing his own likes and dislikes?
1. Winning is the only option. Everything is a competition, even the most mundane activities.
2. They live and die by their goals.
3. They’re always stressed. (So everyone around us should be as well, right?).
4. They squeeze something into every possible moment. Sometimes they overdo it. In their determination to avoid downtime, they inadvertently create downtime for others.
5. They want you to get to the point (even if I couldn’t care less).
6. They hate to wait.
7. They’re conscientious (not always – only on stuff important to them).
8. They multitask (even though true multitasking is impossible). (they think they’re not being rude, but they are).
9. They have a tough time relaxing.
10. They have an unrealistic sense of urgency – even about some trivial matters.
11. They follow a schedule (not always).
12. They’re restless.
Bradberry’s recap / apology: “we know we can be awfully hard on everybody, but we’re harder on ourselves (are you sure?). This may be difficult to see because no one else is privy to the perfectionist that’s grading or berating our every move inside our own heads. Just know this – we care a lot – and we really are sorry if our personality makes us hard to get along with sometimes."
ME: Apology accepted. Unfortunately not every type-A willingly acknowledges and apologizes for their often rude and overbearing behavior. Again, I’m glad I’m not type-A. Funny that most posting comments list all their numerous college degrees and/or business titles, in an effort to justify their importance. Of course, us type-B’s aren’t perfect either. Not sure we blame our shortcomings on our personality type.

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