Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Weekday Golf

Last Friday afternoon I had to drive over to Cobb Country to get the tag and title for Will’s car. Went back to work and stayed busy past 7 pm. We had Mellow Mushroom pizza for lunch at work. I took home a whole pizza that was left over. Watched Ryder Cup on TV. Anna’s sorority had a visitor at their house: Tim Tebow and the SEC Network film crew.
Saturday I cleaned upstairs, then came down and watched more Ryder Cup while doing dishes and laundry. Mixed in a little GT/Miami and UGA/Tennessee. Only saw replays of the exciting end. Supper was BLT sliders, salad, and coconut crème pie. Watched Clemson/Louisville and played on my laptop.
Sunday morning C was driving her mother up to Clemson to meet her family for a 2 pm lunch at the Esso Club. I had plenty to keep me busy before leaving for Augusta around 3:30. Watched the Ryder Cup and the Braves pregame, then listened to the Braves on the way to Augusta. I heard extra bobbleheads were given out at Saturday’s game but I didn’t go. Didn’t go Sunday cause I was headed to Augusta. Would’ve been a long day had I gone, battling traffic to arrive early for the dollar line, then staying til 730 or 8 pm for the postgame celebration. I knew a bunch of people who went to both games. It was all exciting, but I think I’m Braves’d out for a while.
Wendy’s on the way to Augusta. W was studying and MC meeting with students from church. I watched Sunday Night Football on NBC and played on my laptop and with Okie.
Stopped by Bojangles Monday morning on the way over to the golf tourney in Aiken. Didn’t take pictures - I didn’t want to weird out my cool playing partners. Only a small handful of the over 200 golfers wore long pants, including me. Played with Clemson Phil, GT Will, and Harshed from Auburn. Didn’t embarrass myself too bad. We started on the 17th hole and played best ball. Some of the shots I remembered:
17. Par Five. Bad tee shot but in play. Worse second shot. After the first two missed the green on their approach, I hit it on the green, and later made a good putt.  
18. Bad tee shot and second shot. Chipped across the green to the fringe, but my downhill putt rolled off the green.
1. Bad tee shot and second shot. Decent long putt, but missed the par putt.
10. My tee shot was used because the other three were OB.
11. (above) Struck a good long putt.
12. Had the longest second shot.
13. Great six iron, pin high to the fringe.
14. Nice long downhill lag putt to a foot.
Hit driver because I needed the practice. Landed a few approach shots on the green, and made the two longest putts my team had all day. Chick-fil-a lunch out on the course. After the round there was hors durves and awards in the clubhouse.
Drove an hour back to west Augusta for Will’s intramural game. MC brought Okie. Afterwards we ate downtown at the Whiskey Bar. Great burgers and other food. W and I watched a Netflix documentary about the SF/Oakland World Series earthquake.
Left out early Tuesday for the plant. Picked up Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the way. Physical inventory is a lot of work. Found a bunch and didn’t find other stuff. Still making corrections today. Left Augusta at 3 pm and picked up a Moes burrito, one of the more healthy things I could eat in the car. Made a few stops to avoid traffic. Stopped by the library and got home at 7:45. The Voice and the debate. No comment, though Missy, Amy Lee, and Bruce have been vocal about the election.   
Looking forward to the new stadium tour on Friday. Probably eating at Ted’s Montana Grill.

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