Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More SunTrust Photos

More pictures from last Friday. Thanks to Renee for inviting me, and Eric for putting up with me. Thanks to a mention on Paul Lukas' Uni Watch website, last Friday's post has risen to my third most widely read.
Near the end of the tour we took the ramp behind the third base dugout from the mezzanine back down to the bowels of the stadium.
Not sure why the trash can was out in the middle of the welcome center. In addition to the murals, photos, TV's, stadium seats, and unfinished concrete floors, the office features various rooms named after Braves greats - hense the Greg Maddux Library.
The southern perimeter of the stadium features loading docks and player entrances. No fan gates that I can tell.
 Third base dugout - and umpires' entrance?
More stadium seats in the welcome center.

Behind the Jumbotron.

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