Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This & That

See where the Hawks will be wearing the royal blue and green Maravich-era throwbacks some this year? Greatest unis ever. Lead story yesterday on Uni Watch, but I only learned about it today. Evidently word was out for several months that they’d be wearing them.
This coming Sunday the Falcons will wear throwbacks, from the Jerry Glanville / Brett Farve era (below). Since the NFL forces teams to only wear one helmet, the Falcons couldn’t break out their old red throwback beauties. Maybe next year they’ll update their unis.
Late Friday coworker Renee and I walked back over to visit with the second shift eating at the cookout. We were forced to take food home, so C and I each had potato salad and a hamburger when I got home. C had errands to run, so I drove her: Michaels, BP, Whole Foods, Dollar Tree, and Publix. Didn’t get home until 9 pm. Watched a little football and played on the computer.
Cleaned upstairs Saturday morning until Anna came home. Started some laundry, then drove to near the Big Chicken for a pickup. Stopped by four thrift stores along the way. Listened to the UGA game, then got home to flip between GA/Vandy, GT/Georgia Southern, and Clemson/NC State, then later AL/TN. We had two weeks of laundry, plus what Anna brought home. Then there was the wedding shower cleanup.
M brought McKinnon home to hang out. Didn’t eat until after 8:30 pm. C fixed pork tenderloin, and we had five at the table. Afterwards Anna headed back to Athens. I watched Arkansas / Ole Miss while laptopping. I had a bit of an upset stomach.
Sunday: Passion City Church. Louie spoke on the 23rd Psalm. Leftovers for lunch. Nap, more laundry, got my haircut, Kroger, popcorn, watched some NFL, Sleepless in Seattle, and Killing Kennedy. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for supper.
Monday: Plenty of leftover potato salad at work. Another slow night for us. C cooked a chicken and pasta recipe. Wheel, Jeopardy, the Voice. Also watched that time travel show for the first time.
Monday night Ceil asked what Letterman was up to. I didn’t tell her that I follow his beard on Twitter.
C had been running errands late Tuesday afternoon/early evening. I had time to make a couple of stops on the way home, but didn’t. Made a PB&J and caught up on some emails. Wheel, Jeopardy, the Middle, The Voice. M cooked chicken quesadillas.

Dock looked good on MCNBC in his dark suit, white shirt, and red tie. He’s come a long way for a kid from Doraville. Still gotta watch it, and JFBC on 60 Minutes.

Killing me that the Cubs are down 2-1 in the playoffs. Javier Baez hit his game-winning home run wearing Nike Air Force Ones. Seems logical that Smoltz hated not being included in the Chicks Dig the Long Ball commercial.
Buddy at work attends Cumberland Community Church, located near the southwest corner of Cobb Parkway and Spring Road just north of 285 – and just west of the Braves new ballpark. Yesterday church leaders announced the church was looking for a new location to move to. Sounds like the Braves want to buy up that area for stadium parking. The deal could mean a nicer, more strategic facility for CC, and perhaps less debt. Wonder if they’ll build a pedestrian bridge over Cobb Parkway to The Battery?
They might have to move fast: Opening day is on Good Friday, and game three is on Easter Sunday. In a related note, Passion City Church is starting a satellite campus that will meet in the Cobb Galleria. Would be a more convenient location for us, but the worship service times are more inconvenient.  
Remember the long sermon series Dr. Marsh did in the early 1980’s about Psalms? Every title started off “The Psalmist Faced…” One was “the Psalmist Faced – a Scowl.” We used to joke that one of them would be titled “The Psalmist Faced – Repetition.” Louie Giglio will start a series, jump off it for a few months, then return to the series. He’s all over the place about everything. Sunday I was talking to a guy on the shuttle bus. He said when PCC moved the services from 10 & 12:30 to 9:30 & 11:30 that Louie had to do a better job of ending the first service on time. Not long after they changed the first service didn’t let out until 11:10, creating havoc in the parking lot and surrounding streets. Since then they’ve gotten better.
Andy Stanley and North Point seem to plan out series and topics and the week to week schedule many months in advance. He will repeat a main topic every three years or so, due to its importance – repackaging and updating the content to make it fresh.  
Killing me that we haven’t been able to plan a Destin trip.
Next year Anna is going to be a RA in a dorm at Georgia. A great way to minister to unchurched girls in the dorm.   
M’s band plays a gig October 30 at the Oakwood Festival, not far from the Toco Hills Shopping Center.  
I was using my scrapbook calendar system back in 87 when I got married. That info could help with my honeymoon write-up. Several years ago when I started to compile my list of sporting events attended, my calendars were invaluable sources of information. Hard to believe I have over 30 calendars stashed away with day to day info, as well as over 15 years of spreadsheet calendars saved on my computer. Also MPG and service info on my old Taurus, Civic, two minivans, the CRV, two Jeeps, and now M’s Buick – all on the same spreadsheet.
Good article about Seinfeld and baseball:  
C spends a lot of time on Instagram. She’s taking an art class on line and had to break down and get a Facebook.
Thinking about turning my blog into all-Rodrigo Blankenship all the time. Bruce went to the UGA/Vandy game with David Hubert. It was Bruce’s first UGA game in 25 years.
I almost got the fried egg burger when I was in Augusta. In general I don’t mind a plain burger – as long as it has catsup. Also tomato. Too many ingredients just overwhelm the burger taste. Not lettuce (but shredded lettuce is better than a big leaf). Grilled onion better than raw onion. Either ok as long as it’s not a long strip. Will pass on a fried onion ring inside a burger. Cheese is ok but not critical. I’d rather have catsup than BBQ sauce for the same reason. But if the bun is too plain tasting and the beef nothing special, might as well load up on the extras to make it taste like something.
With all the muckraking in this election, with Christians supporting each side (or rather not supporting each side) and all the deceit and lies and finger-pointing, and people not defending their own candidate but instead badmouthing the other, it makes me wonder how many Christians will be fooled and sucked in by the anti-Christ.

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