Saturday, October 01, 2016

Today's Special: Turnovers

College football thoughts: all the ESPN College GameDay experts picked Tennessee and Clemson. later Mark May picked Louisville.

Tech played well, except for the two killer fumbles. Since winning the Orange Bowl MVP< QB Justin Thomas has lost his edge. He'd rather not carry the ball, opting to pitch whenever possible.
I wasn't super impressed with Miami, but they'd probably beat Tech seven out of ten. Like Dabo says, this ain't a beauty contest. A win is a win, and the Canes remain undefeated. Mark Richt looked tanned and as always, humble.

Baylor almost lost to Iowa State. Don't need to hear bout Baylor no more.

Florida struggled to beat Vandy. Maybe they're not that good.

Georgia took a 17-0 lead, thanks to Tennessee turnovers. Still not impressed with senior QB Joshua Dobbs. His TD before the half, after scrambling around indecisively for the longest time, was lucky. So was the final Hail Mary.

Jacob Eason had a turnover or two himself. But in the end after Eason's bomb put Georgia ahead, it was the 20 yards of penalties that did in the Dawgs, putting Dobbs into position to throw his final pass into the end zone. This hopefully Kirby can fix, though the emotions of 18 year-olds have been known to be fickle.

Kirby also almost had clock maintenance issues, not taking a time out while Tennessee ran clock. The pooch kick call was also questionable. Two straight losses could have the rabid fan base marching the Smart mansion. Long forgotten is the lack of talent (especially on the offensive line), a new coach, new QB, new kicker, new schemes on both offense and defense. Yet there's a good chance Georgia could win the rest of their games. Right now only Auburn looks semi-tough.

After falling behind 7-0 in the first quarter, Clemson finished the half outscoring Louisville 28-3. After picking up where he left off last week at Georgia Tech (missing receivers), Deshaun finally started connecting with his aerials. Throughout the game turnovers remained the order of the day., both fumbles and interceptions.

In the second half the Cards cut the lead to 28-26, and the once loud fans became quiet.

The Cardinals front italic font and chrome helmets made the olde English "L" look out of place on the back of their jerseys.

Chubb made an appearance, but Leonard Fournette missed LSU's game with an injury. Guess Herschel's records will remain untouched for yet another generation.

South Carolina lost again, this time to Texas A&M in their throwback unis.

Maybe JT Barrett is a decent QB. His lack of mobility, size, and arm strength may make him attractive to NFL scouts.

Wisconsin's lucky streak ended in Ann Arbor.

Notre Dame struggled to beat Syracuse, who several teams blew out - including Louisville.

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