Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sick Days

Misery loves company department: at some point Sunday I started feeling bad. Took some meds before bed but it messed with my sleep.
Uncomfortable all Monday despite meds. On the way home I realized my entire body was aching. Used it as an excuse to sit on the couch all night. Spaghetti, meatballs, salad, Wheel, Jeopardy, The Voice, a little Indians/Red Sox.
Slept better Monday night but I have a ways to go before I’m 100%. Wore warmer clothes Tuesday but sometimes was hot.
My SunTrust Park blog post was featured in Tuesday’s Uni Watch posting. Received over 1850 visits thanks to the link. Usually I get ten or twenty.
Wednesday: Crazy busy day. I think my fever finally broke last night, so I’m headed toward feeling better. Still got a ways to go. Lunch meeting with Atlanta Bread Company sandwiches. Worked past seven Tuesday night was probably a good thing considering how busy it is today.
Ceil cooked baked burritos Wednesday night. Wheel, Jeopardy, Modern Family, Designated Survivor, and  My excuse is that I’m not 100% over my sickness. Body still sore, hard to go up steps.
Worked on a comparison of David Ortiz to other Red Sox greats. Ortiz did have a HOF career, with all the home runs and other stuff, although he was just a DH most of his career. I’ll also have to compare him to longtime DH’s Edgar Martinez and Paul Molitor. Some short-sighted youngsters call Ortiz the greatest-ever Red Sox, which we know id ridiculous. No comparison to Ted Williams, who spend three seasons during his prime serving our country in the military. Yaz, Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, Nomar, Wade Boggs, and Carlton Fisk.
Thursday: climbed the steps to get a yogurt, and my joints are still aching. C was out so I worked past 7 pm getting caught up on stuff. Still lots to do. Could've stopped on the way home but didn't feel like it. Wasn't too hungry and figured there would be leftovers at home (there were). Not much on TV. Checked out the Broncos and Chargers uniforms, but wasn't interested in the baseball playoffs.
You heard it here first: by next year dozens of college football programs will be copying the NFL’s color rush uniforms. If not later this year. Of course, Oregon has been doing it for years.

Got my Bob Uecker talking alarm clock in the mail. For an alarm it’s a recording of Uecker yelling at you to get up.
Friday morning I thought the clock was reading 5 am but it was actually 6, so I got a late start. Cookout at work was good. Got to see people from other departments I usually don’t see.  
Anna comes home Friday for one last sleepover with her friend Brit before she gets married. A and former roommate Emily are missed their sorority formal for the Friday night sleepover and Saturday night shower, that Ceil and the other moms are arranging.   
Looks like my co-worker will be out for an extended period attending to her sick husband. We’re training two new employees, but it will be awhile before they get up to speed. Dialysis is back on the transplant list, and could be called at any time.

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