Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Second Debate

The debate was terrible. C wanted to watch. I didn’t comment. Didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know. Only reason to watch is to see what the moderators do and ask. Checked the reactions on social media but didn’t comment. Missy and Charles are big political posters, and sometimes Bruce and Jayne.  
Sometimes I think Trump is trying to lose. Hillary doesn’t have to do anything to win. My theory: Trump ran as a Republican because he wanted Hillary elected president. Now that he’s the nominee he’s trying to lose. Now I hear Pence might step down as his running mate. Heard that before Donald didn’t defend him last night. Pence was the only good thing going for Trump. People might vote for Trump thinking he’d have to resign at some point, giving the presidency to Pence.
It scares me to think that Trump is trying to win, and still acts the way he does. Not sure there are enough rednecks out there to offset all the women and minorities voting for Hillary. Whites and males are no longer a majority.
Most traditional Republicans aren’t backing Trump because they like him. Trump’s actions and words cannot be defended. A Christian cannot vote for either candidate based on their faith. It’s like a Christian picking between two non-Christian restaurants or roofing companies or corrupt college football or basketball factories. The teams bend and break the rules to win at all costs, treating players like cogs in a wheel. Players break the rules as well.
You wonder if the Republican Party is going to implode and cease to exist. I know that over the course of US history political parties have come and gone, but nothing like this has happened in my lifetime. At this point the sooner that happens, the better.
While I don’t see how any right-thinking Republican thinks Trump is America’s best choice for President, the same thing can be said for Hillary. Just because Donald continues to disgrace himself doesn’t make her any better. The media jumps all over a five year old Trump tape, but says nothing about scores of similar Hillary tapes.

People are voting based on their own single pet issue, be it abortion, supreme court nominations, education, women’s rights, immigration, same sex marriage, entitlements, obamacare, cell phones, food stamps, welfare, foreign policy, “global warming,” or gun control. Some positions are perceived. Has Trump even said he would overturn the same sex marriage decision?

Supporters of both candidates aren't espousing the positive attributes of their own candidates, but instead attacking the negative attributes of the opposition. They aren't addressing the topic at hand, but instead redirecting the conversation to another topic. Why is this?
Voting third party won’t help. Perhaps one day soon that won’t be the case.
The government needs to enforce the gun laws already on the books. I can think of no reason regular people need to own assault weapons, but criminals and terrorists are always going to get their hands on illegal weapons. The people you see on the news holding guns in the ghettos are members of the NRA.
Many go to church on Sunday and sit for an hour, then go home and do what’s right in their own minds – not paying heed to the word of God. Likewise people watch the news reports predicting a government breakdown or collapse in the US economy, resulting in a police state and martial law and no general election. There is talk of George Soros bringing down the United States, funding the Black Lives Matter protests, the Clinton Foundation, and down the road a one world government. Is anyone actually taking heed of such dire predictions, or is this just crazy talk?
Too often in our society so many take what they read on the internet or hear on TV as the truth, whether the source is CNN or MSNBC or Fox or Facebook or the government or the President. All information sources have agendas and angles they’re working to protect, power they’re trying to grab. Some Black Lives Matter protesters are in truth hired by Soros to stir up trouble, to take the public’s eye off things of real concern. Just as Ronald Reagan concocted the Star Wars Strategic Defense Initiative to induce the USSR to spend themselves into oblivion, are we now running up our own backbreaking deficit on obamacare and “global warming”? Soon the middle class will join the poor, leaving the rich to rule and prosper in The New World Order.
Tweets I’ve read this week: “American culture demands relative morality, but suddenly wants to apply Christian morality to a political candidate..” And: “Secular media scoffs at Christianity and Christian morality, but suddenly applies Christian moral standards to judge in politics. Will the media now judge TV shows and movies by the same standard?” 
God is in control, but His long-term plans may not include the United States of America. So many in the US have turned their back on God. I so fear for the world my children and grandchildren will live in.

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