Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dodgers @ Braves

Found out yesterday at 4:30 I had the tickets for the Braves game. Heard traffic downtown was bad so I took 285 south past the Stone Mountain and Memorial Drive to I-20 east. 285 south was bad but 20 east a breeze. Parked in the blue lot and walked right in. Watched BP and walked the stadium, up to the upper deck to chat with John Parkes.
Ran into Charlie and Bill. Took the obligatory picture of the relievers headed to the bullpen, passing by The Chief in the front row. Almost missed it.
Went down to my dugout seats, then later moved over a couple of sections to say hello to someone else.
Former Lovett High grad / Braves draft pick George Lombard is now the Dodgers first base coach.

Made it home by 9:30 and saw the end of the game on TV.
C cooked beef tips, which I had for lunch today. 

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