Monday, April 18, 2016

Think the Braves are Bad?

Just when all those self-proclaimed experts thought the Braves would never win again, low and behold when Atlanta didn’t have to play a game against one of the top teams in the National League the Braves not only won a game, but won all three. Fans think their team should win every game, when even the best MLB teams lose 60 games a year.
Atlanta fans complaining about the Braves forget their recent record has been better than the Falcons, or Georgia Tech basketball or football.   
2015 winning percentages
.414 Braves (.488 in 2014) (.593 in 2013)
.500 Falcons (.333 in 2014) (.250 in 2013)
.444 GT basketball vs ACC (.167 in 2014-15)
.250 GT football (.125 vs ACC) Lost last 9 of 10. Would’ve lost all ten except for the miracle against FSU.
Last time in playoffs:
2013 Braves (division champs). In playoffs 3 of past 6 years.
2012 Falcons. In playoffs 3 of past 6 years.
2014 GT football. In ACC championship game 2 of past 6 years.
2010 GT basketball. Made NCAA tourney once in past 9 years.
Nice the Hawks were able to come out of game one with a win.
Left work at 5:15 Friday and just missed getting home to see the prom-goers. In fact M was leaving the neighborhood in his Jeep. I thought it was someone else driving because it was the first time I’d seen him after he’s gotten his hair cut. They ate at Waffle House before heading out to the prom. He spent the night at a friend’s house in Marietta.
C and I drove down to Hobby Lobby near Perimeter Mall, then ate at Moxie Burger in Roswell. Came back and watched the movie “Brooklyn” about an Irish girl who comes to America years ago. Pretty good.
Saturday morning I drove to work, arriving around 10:45. Spent the next six hours working on my taxes and cleaning out paperwork: bills, medical stuff, organizing paperwork and tax stuff. Went through huge piles of paperwork. Also filed W’s taxes. Really got a lot done. On the way home I stopped by five thrift stores but didn’t see anything good. Also Hobby Lobby for Ceil. 
C cooked grilled chicken and vegetables, and M fixed his patented buffalo chicken pizza. C watched a Hallmark Channel movie and I worked on the computer.
Sunday morning at JFBC then used a BOGO at Chipotle. M went to a soccer game and Passion City Church. He wants to go to PCC summer camp the week after our beach trip.
Shortly before 3 pm I motored over to Athens. Both UGA and Tennessee have players from ten different states on their softball rosters. Hung around for a while and drove back, arriving home at 8 pm.

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