Friday, April 15, 2016

People People

Interesting focus group on statements Georgia Power should make concerning the closing and handling of possibly toxic coal ash ponds around the state. Some people of various backgrounds and ages and ethnic groups seem to have a hard time putting themselves into someone else’s shoes, following instructions, and determining which phrases in a statement are the most important. Some took everything with a negative outlook, demanding a course of action without thinking about the cost or consequences. Some trusted government agencies to do the right thing more than Georgia Power, when the information we were given clearly stated the EPA did not have sufficient guidelines in place to address the situation.

I’m not sure what it would take to favorably impress some of the people. These were the type people to jump to conclusions without all the information, the type people posting on the AJC’s Facebook about Chickfila. One lady was a counselor. Based on her opinions and negative outlook, I would hate to be paying for advice from her. I may have been speaking up too much in the group session, and I tried to dial back to give others every chance to talk. I would only speak up when no one else was saying anything. I did make everyone laugh when I compared a statement to telling your wife that “I love you right now, but I’m not sure I’ll love you in the future.”  

Most focus groups are filled with several people I consider to be smarter than myself. Last night’s group wasn’t that way. They are interesting to see people from all kinds of backgrounds, and most are able to get by despite hardships far worse than I have to endure.
Read an article about a guy who drank a gallon of water a day for 30 days. He did it as an assignment for his magazine. Made him feel great (more energy, etc) but he thought it was too much, so he cut down after the 30 days were over. One gallon is 128 ounces, or four 32 ounce cups. During the summer I would get the RaceTrac cup filled up in the morning with zero calorie Vitamin Water, and sometimes in the afternoon. It is close to 32 ounces. If I did it at lunch as well and twice on the way home, I would be drinking a gallon a day.

Did you see Kobe’s 60 point game last night? That was something, him taking 50 shots, one more than Jordan’s most ever. Wilt took like 63 shots in his 100 point game. David Robinson once had a big last game of the year when he was trying to win the scoring title. I wonder how many shots he took that night.

What do you think about Golden State breaking the Bulls’ record? Interesting that Steve Kerr was a part of both teams.

Someone messed up Tuesday, then left after lunch for a doctor’s appointment. That left me to spend the entire rest of the afternoon in meetings cleaning up the mess, so much of my work didn’t get done. Worked until 6:30. Spent most of Thursday cleaning up someone else’s mess that should’ve been cleaned up weeks ago. Friday I cleaned up another old mess, figured out what was missing from a report, entered a big credit, and was charged with training the region on the correct way to cost orders. All in addition to the things I normally have to get done. Monday will be another busy day.

Tuesday night: Ceil cooked spaghetti, broccoli, and mixed vegetables. Watched Jeopardy and The Voice. I worked on the computer and cleaned the kitchen. M went to his bible study. He’s been carrying around a book for his summer internship. For what C paid in airfare we would’ve saved money for us all to have driven out there. Then I could’ve gone, but that would’ve meant I would’ve missed the Masters.

Tuesday while eating lunch my plastic fork broke. It had been cracked for a while. Wednesday I had leftover spaghetti for lunch that I had to eat with a spoon.

Wednesday night M baked a buffalo chicken pizza. C cooked mixed vegetables and chicken spaghetti.  

Thursday night I worked until 6:40. M went to get gas for the lawnmower for me, before he drove off to a pre-prom event. C had a dinner with other moms from her school. When I got home I cut the grass and blew the drive. Wasn’t finished until almost nine. Worked on the laptop after that.

Tonight before M’s prom all the kids are gathering at our house for pictures, since the prom is at the nearby Chattahoochee Nature Center. Gotta work on taxes Saturday. Sunday C and I might go to Athens (for the softball bobblehead).  

Lots of people commenting on the Braves losing streak. Not me. Too much other stuff going on like the Masters and NBA. Braves have played less than 4% of their schedule and everyone is panicking. Not like football where one game is almost 10% of your season. More of that win now at all costs mentality. Fredi is coming under fire for some of his decisions. Last year management told fans there would be improvement in 2016 over 2015. The quote was “you won’t see another season like that.” If they’re worse someone will have to be held responsible. Probably Fredi. He probably pulled the starter too soon last night.

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