Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Very Bad Day

Every parent's worst fear happened this week for four parents in north Atlanta: the dreaded call that their child had perished in an automobile accident. Anna knew the girls. A couple were sorority sisters. Margaret Hurt knew at least one of them as well.

Christina Semeria of Milton and Kayla Canedo of Alpharetta were in Anna's sorority. Also killed were Brittany Feldman of Alpharetta and Halle Scott from Dunwoody. Christina, Kayla, and Brittany all went to Milton High School.

At least the girls were secure in their salvation. Today they sit at the seat of their Father in heaven.

Thursday Anna's sorority president Courtney White spoke to a large gathering outside the student center. Her speech was both courageous and heartbreaking. You can watch her speech here: AJC headline: Sorority president breaks down as she remembers sisters killed in crash

Anna praised of Courtney in a post: "I am incredibly proud to call Courtney White the president of my sorority. In the face of deep grief and horrific circumstances, she carries herself with a humble strength and lifts the name of Jesus without fear. I love the way you love us and lift us." Her post garnered 185 likes and 16 shares. One day Anna would make a great sorority president herself.

Last year several girls died in a crash on I-16 in south Georgia. Another accident was also in the news: a kid crashed trying to get their car up to 100 MPH so they could take a photo of the speedometer for SnapChat.

Though no alcohol, drugs, or foul play was thought to be involved in this week's accident near UGA, it's my hope this tragedy will add an element of caution in every teen's driving.

I'm thankful my three have a sense of adventure. Wouldn't trade it for the world. But like all parents, I pray that God protect them as they drive, play, and live.

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