Monday, April 04, 2016

Top Ten Ageless Wonders

The NFL Network’s Top Ten Ageless Wonders. You’d think George Blanda would be a shoo-in for the top spot. League MVP at age 43. Blanda retired at age 48, after scoring twice was many points as anyone else in history. But the NFL Network likes an argument, so Blanda finished fourth.
10. CB/S Ronde Barber.
9. QB Steve DeBerg.
8. TE Tony Gonzalez. The NFL loves him.
7. PK Morten Andersen.
6. QB Warren Moon.
5. MLB Ray Lewis. The NFL loves him.
4. QB/PK/LB George Blanda.
3. QB Brett Farve. The NFL loves him.
2. RB Emmitt Smith.
1. DB/KR Darrell Green.
Ranked second was running back Emmitt Smith, who played more NFL games than any other running back. He also rushed for more yards than anyone else in NFL history. Smith played for 15 seasons, retiring at the age of 35. But his last two years with the Cardinals were a flop.
Not mentioned was Herschel Walker, who was a productive player in all twelve NFL seasons before retiring at age 35. Walker also played three professional seasons in the USFL, giving him as many total seasons – and more games played – than any other running back in professional football. Herschel also gained more yards than any player in history.
Best of the rest: Jeff Feagles. Trey Junkin. Lou Groza. Jackie Slater. Kevin Meline. Anthony Munoz was shown but not mentioned. Bruce Matthews was mentioned by an “expert.”
Morten Andersen scored over 700 points AFTER the age of 40 – more than over a dozen hall-of-famers scored in their careers. He retired as the all-time leading scorer for two different teams: the Saints and Falcons.

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