Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Trivia

1. Before buying channel 17 and the Atlanta Braves, what business was Ted Turner in?
a. Billboards
b. Ranching
c. Restaurants
d. Real Estate
2. What does MARTA stand for?
3. After its original Dwarf House location on Central Avenue in Hapeville, where was the first actual Chickfila fast food restaurant located?
a. Greenbrier Mall
b. Lenox Square
c. South Dekalb Mall
d. Southlake Mall
4. Who is the host of Sports Jeopardy?
a. Bob Costas
b. Alex Trebeck
c. Dan Patrick
d. Marv Albert
5. MASH surgeon Hawkeye Pierce: what was his given name?
a. Benjamin Franklin Pierce
b. William Stewart Pierce
c. Thomas Jefferson Pierce
d. Hawkeye Pierce
BONUS: What was his hometown?
a. Toledo OH
b. Ottumwa IO
c. Crabapple Cove ME
d. Boston MA
6. According to legend, how did the northern Atlanta suburb called Buckhead acquire its name?
7. What was the name of the soccer team that won Atlanta's first professional major league sports championship?
a. Attack
b. Beat
c. Phoenix
d. Chiefs
8. What are spectators at The Masters called?
a. Guests
b. Visitors
c. Customers
d. Patrons
9. Who was the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs and collect 3000 hits?
a. Babe Ruth
b. Hank Aaron
c. Willie Mays
d. Lou Gehrig
10. On the TV show The Middle, what is daughter Sue's given name?
a. Frankie Sue
b. Carly Sue
c. Cassidy Sue
d. Sue Sue
Did I see where a Yankee stole home the other day? I think left-handed batter Shane Spencer (or whoever #11 is these days) was batting.
Most of the Braves losses have been close games, if not extra innings. A break here or there and they’re running away with the division.
Nothing much else to report. Left work just after six. Stopped by to have my car looked at – nothing serious. This summer either me or M will need an extra car.
Today the guy comes about fixing the house. Repairs will be messy but nice. Tough that it comes right when a new car is needed.
Ceil cooked chicken and salad. Also sweet potato strips. M cooked his own buffalo chicken for his pizza. Watched The Voice, worked on the computer while M slaved over his paper.

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