Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cast of Characters

The cast of characters at Braves games is growing larger: Smiling Darrell (above with his nemesis Mark Lemke), quiet Darrell, the dollar line breaker mamma, Norman, Johnny, Marshall, RL, John Parkes, The Chief, old man usher, old lady usher, Sandy the Designated Driver Lady (retired), Sandy's sidekick, uber bobble dealer / Mississippi State Bulldog dad Kevin, the purple jacket guy, bobblehead Bobby, justice of the peace Johnny Padgett, old man Hugh, Peter Greene from Garden Hills, Tanner Pittard, Tanner's mom, Joe The Kid Shirley, long haired bobblehead guy, Dan Fox, and the baseball grabber guy (25). And me.

Wednesday trivia:

1. MASH 4077 company clerk Radar O'Reilly: what was the character's given first name?
a. Eugene
b. Walter
c. Frank
d. Bill

BONUS: what was Radar's hometown?
a. Toledo, Ohio
b. Ottumwa, Iowa
c. Boston, MA
d. Mill Valley, California

Who / what did Radar sleep with?
a. Nurse Hot Lips Houlihan
b. The other enlisted men
c. His pet goat
d. A teddy bear

2. If there are no peach trees on Peachtree Street (Road, Industrial Blvd, etc.), how did Atlanta's most famous street get it's name?

3. What is the city motto for Doraville GA?
a. "Diversity, Vitality, Community"
b. "A touch of country in the city"
c. "Win or lose, we eat pizza"
d. "if you don't like it here, there's a MARTA station right over there"

4. The Atlanta Crackers' home field, Ponce de Leon Park, had what unique feature in centerfield?
a. Flag pole
b. Railroad tracks
c. Tree
d. 20 foot wall
e. Both B and C

5. Green Bay Packer Hall-of-Famer Bart Starr attended Lanier High School in Montgomery Alabama. One time his team played Lanier High of Macon, GA, another football powerhouse (this happened before I was born). Both teams had the same nickname. What was it?

6. Who was governor of Virginia when the state capital was moved from Williamsburg to Richmond?
a. Patrick Henry
b. Benjamin Harrison
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. James Monroe

7. Which of Shakespeare's plays featured a ghost?
a. Hamlet
b. Macbeth
c. Julius Caesar
d. Richard III
e. all of the above

8. True/False: long-time Braves knuckleball pitcher Phil Niekro once pitched a no-hitter.

9. Who hit the first home run at Turner Field?
a. Chipper Jones
b. Javy Lopez
c. Michael Tucker
d. Dave Justice

10. For decades which team traditionally hosted the first game of each new MLB season?
a. New York Yankees
b. Boston Red Sox
c. Philadelphia Phillies
d. Cincinnati Reds

What UCLA QB went on to become the star of several hit TV series?
What Miami QB went on the be the head coach of his alma mater?
What UGA QB went on the be the head coach of his alma mater?
What Florida QB went on to be the head coach of his alma mater?
What Michigan QB went on to be the head coach of his alma mater?
What Georgia Tech QB went on to be the head coach of his alma mater?
What Southern Cal QB went on to become AD of his alma mater?

You ought to see some of the projects C does with her kindergarteners for all the holidays. They just finished a "cookbook" for mother's day.

Left work after 6 pm. C was at the grocery so I swung by the library. C cooked homemade pizza with lean ground beef, peppers, and onions. Watched Jeopardy, The Voice, and Chicago Hope. Tuesday on Jeopardy all three contestant were strong. They got every question correct in Double and Final Jeopardy. All three finished with more than $28,000.00. Newcomer Buzzy beat the long time defending champion, how for a week looked invincible. Buzzy looked even stronger, and did well last night - but was blow away by an even stronger newcomer.

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